one_girl_braceletI don’t think we can begin to conceive the power of our prayers. There’s no greater means of intimacy with our Savior than through prayer and study of His Word. Prayer taxis us to the feet of our Father, where He gathers us in and hears our praise, repentance, acknowledgement of Him as our Lord, intercessions, supplications for ourselves, and appeal that He might equip us to serve Him according to His purposes.

A few years ago, I wrote a book called, Parenting on Your Knees. If we don’t pray for our children, who will?

This is Justice-Minded Monday. I write it to bring awareness to the fact that when you are a child of the Promise, you are also a child of justice … a man of justice … a woman of justice.

Let me ask you … It’s not too hard to remember to pray for your family, your friends, and members of your church, but are you in the habit of praying for those Jesus referred to as “the least of these”? As believers, we are to embrace justice. We are to pray for the least of these. It’s hard unless we have a tangible reminder … at least that’s the case for me. I can see and talk to my husband, children, and friends, and I’m prompted to pray. How can I be prompted to pray for the least of these? If we don’t pray for them, who will?

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In 59 days, Kadi and I will travel to Nepal with Tiny Hands International. I want you to hear this incredible update from John Molineux, President of Tiny Hands International.

Our Border and Transit Monitoring operation continues to grow, and we now operate 27 border and transit stations in Nepal, and are in the process of setting up pilots in Bangladesh and Thailand. It has been and remains our firm conviction that Human Trafficking is the greatest injustice in the world, and we are passionately and relentlessly dedicated to fighting it wherever we can. 

The churches through whom we work provide volunteer local boards whose local knowledge and connections facilitate very effective work against human trafficking. While it is common for NGO’s in the developing world to squabble over the spoils of development work, the passionate men and women who serve on our border station subcommittees risk their lives to fight Human Trafficking, and get nothing in return. They are lights shining in their communities and nation, showing people a better Way. We have regular cases where an intercepted girl herself becomes a border guard, or a trafficker is caught, jailed, convicted, and then through prison ministries, operated independently by the churches through whom we work, repents, becomes a Christian, and starts passing information to help fight trafficking. In all of this we see the realization of our first core value: Be the Kingdom—the church as light of the world, injustice made right, the redemption of a hurting world. 

We continue to intercept over 100 girls every month, each of whom is unfathomably precious. From these victims testimonies we are beginning to piece together a picture of the trafficking industry. The data from the more than 1500 Victim Interview Forms we have collected from intercepted girls so far is helping us identify major traffickers and trafficking rings, buildings used to hide girls in transit, and better trafficking as a whole and how to better fight it. In this we are striving to achieve our third core value: Do Much With Little. The $100 or so that we spent to intercept a girl provides value beyond saving a single girl from the horrors of trafficking. It may also allow us to file a case against a trafficker, identify a route or transit hideout for our investigations department to pursue. 

Do you understand why I am inexplicably drawn to this ministry and long to Be the Kingdom alongside them? I cannot wait to meet everyone in Nepal and begin writing their story. The most important thing we can do until then, is to PRAY.

IMG_3353.JPGWith that in mind, our family has joined the One Girl Prayer Initiative.

Tiny Hands International is encouraging at least 10,000 people to “spiritually adopt” one of those innocent girls.  Everyone who participates as a prayer warrior will receive a One Girl bracelet. The bracelet serves as a reminder to pray each day for a girl who is vulnerable to trafficking, one being trafficked at this moment, or the one who is currently enslaved in a brothel. Pray also for the conversion of traffickers, brothel-owners and those who abuse these innocent children. Pray that their eyes will be able to see God’s Truth.

IMG_3347.JPGThe bracelet you receive when you join us is handcrafted. It’s braided black band represents the darkness and bondage of trafficking. The stone represents your “adopted girl.” The stone’s golden color represents God’s light of hope.

You can pray any time you want to, but if you’d like a tangible reminder and the name of a specific girl, then make it official. Let’s blow Tiny Hands International away with the number of you who join the One Girl Prayer Initiative!!

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Will you accept the challenge and join the Tiedes in the One Girl Prayer Initiative?

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1. Sign up here: One Girl Prayer InitiativeConsider getting bracelets for everyone in your family!

2. When you get your bracelets, take a picture like our family did, and share it with me here in the comment section of my blog or on Tiny Hand’s Facebook Page or on Twitter @TinyHandsIntl

Let’s storm the gates of heaven for Tiny Hands International and for these girls!

Amen! So be it!