Tiny Hands is on the ground delivering desperately needeimmediate reliefd aid to those who are homeless, without food, and–in many cases–without hope.

We received an exciting update this morning:

The people in a small village in Gorkha District all lost their homes in the earthquake and were in great need. As it became dark on Friday, rain started pouring down on them. They all huddled together in what was left of the church to pray and try to stay dry as much as possible. They had no tarps or food.

Just ten minutes after they prayed, our Tiny Hands staff arrived with supplies including tarps and food they prayed for! The people were so thrilled and thankful. We received a call in Kathmandu a few minutes later thanking Tiny Hands for our help that the Lord used to directly bless them in their immediate time of need. God is good and so faithful!
healing handsYou can be a part of Helping Hands for Nepal. 

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