Ta Da! My first Blog! Welcome…

Yesterday my just-turned four-year-old son, Caleb, found me in the kitchen. His eyes were sparkling with news. He announced that when he grows up he’s going to be “A daddy, a grandpa, and a superhero!”

“That’s wonderful!” I responded, as any good mother would. “I think you’ll be a fabulous daddy, a terrific grandpa, and an amazing superhero!”

(For the record, his six-year-old brother had a slightly different reaction to the big announcement.)

Daddy heard the news at supper, where it was met with unequalled enthusiasm. My heart skips every time I think about his little face, full of excitement, as this dream sparked in his young life.

Julie Baker, author of A Pebble in the Pond: The Ripple Effect, wrote, ” In each heart He (God) has tucked talents, desires, and dreams.”

God gives me BIG dreams. Sometimes I think they’re too big, and other times I don’t even know something is a dream until the event has passed, and I realize I’ve waited all my life for that moment.

There was a time when I never dreamt I’d be a Christian motivational speaker. I never dreamt I’d get a thrill sharing Christ’s love and his Grace Lessons with large audiences. I certainly never dreamt I’d crank out a full-length novel this summer…in less than 2 months, no less.

What are your dreams? If they’re tucked in deep, you may have to dig around for them.

Find them, play with them, get to know them. Then enjoy the journey of making them happen by setting goals and deadlines. Be patient, but persistent. Equip yourself, in prayer, for the work He has for you to do…especially if it’s to be a daddy (mommy), a grandpa (grandma), or a superhero!