I can safely say I made it through the last week on Diet Coke. After spending the last eight weeks cranking out my novel, and living by the motto, Bo-hiney on Chair & Hands on Keyboard, I had some serious making up to do with my kids. Now, don’t get me wrong, they haven’t been exactly neglected this summer. Kadi was in a play that consumed the entire family for six weeks. It was a blast! All three kids had swimming lessons for two weeks, and the two oldest attended Camp Victory Church Camp. Nevertheless, SuperMom here thought she needed to “pour it on” for the last fling of the summer.

Last Sunday we headed out for our big camping trip. Here’s a quick run-down of what we accomplished in four (count ’em)…four short days: (Take a deep breath!)

*Loaded up on Krispy Kreme donuts in the Cities
*Drove in torrential rains for 2 hours….remember that we were camping!!
*Attempted to letterbox in Maple Grove….just as the rains began!
*Visited the home of Charles Lindberg and the related museum.
*Convinced kids it was “fun” to be soaked to the skin and that sleeping in a hotel might not be so bad.
*Dried 5 sleeping bags in laundromat driers for an hour
*Set up camp
*Took family to a drive-in theater to see Barnyard….what a hoot!
*Edited my friend Erica’s new novel….it was fabulous!
*Ate s’mores
*Rented a paddle boat
*Took kids swimming
*Played bankshot basketball. Note: I am a wicked shot!
*Played disc/frisbee golf. Note: I had an awful frisbee and that’s the story I’m stinking…er…
sticking to!
*Took kids on a 2 mile hike to an Arboretum. Note: 2 mile hike (according to the book) was NOT really 2 miles and took said family 2 1/2 hours to complete!
*Led my children in singing “I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream” at the top of our lungs on the hike. Reason one: to take their minds off the mosquitos that were eating us. Reason two: to scare away the black bears that “the book” claimed we might see.
*Rented two canoes.
*Got stuck in the middle of the lake with two 10 year olds at the helm.
*Watched Mike and his two little charges paddle effortlessly away from us. Make that…FAR away from us.
*Yelled and screamed for Mike to save us.
*Held onto Mike’s canoe while he paddled BOTH canoes around the lake. Note: God bless Mike!!!
*Ate more s’mores.
*Drank lots of Diet Coke
*Forced children to also drink lots of caffeine in order for them to keep up with Mom…who was on a mission to “do it all” in those four days.
*Visited an Indian Museum in Mille Lacs
*Took kids to Chuck E. Cheese. Note: Highlight of their trip. Sheesh!
*Came home to loads and loads of laundry…and still wet sleeping bags.

We hauled ourselves home on Wednesday. Thursday and Friday are a blurr. Saturday we attended leadership training at our church and then prepared the food for a friend’s surprise birthday party. (Note: Hooked up Diet Coke intraveneously)

Today (Sunday) we headed to the Cities again for a day of letterboxing, picnicing, a trip to the Minnesota History Center, and a ride on the light rail downtown for supper at the Brit Pub, before returning home. (Note: Switch to Diet Coke patch)

It’s 10:30 p.m. The kids are in bed. Mike’s on the phone with family. And I’m supposed to be editing the novel…again.

To Do List for Tomorrow: Buy more Diet Coke. Sleep in. When does school start? Oh, wait. I’m the teacher! Better make it a 24 pack.