Does anyone out there remember the TV show, Name That Tune? What a great show! I have to confess that I was young enough when the show aired, not to be able to play well. My mom, on the other hand, was a whiz. I used to love watching Name That Tune with her knowing full well she could “take” any one of the contestants in the little box.

Today my dilemma isn’t naming a tune, it’s naming my book. This week I heard back from one of the three publishing houses who have my prayer and parenting preschoolers book under consideration. They are still interested in the book (good news), but want some changes made to the first two chapters (bad news…well, not so bad).

Originally the two introductory chapters had a castle/kingdom theme. The title presented was “Into the King’s Arms: Prayers and Practical Guidance for Parents of Little Ones.” Fast forward to this week…I need to scratch the castle/kingdom theme and create a new title. The subtitle can stay. (Can you hear me singing the Hallelujah Chorus from there?)

Okay, down to business, people! My agent has suggested that I come up with one new title and offer other “possibilities” in my proposal. Sounds like a good idea…however, remember, I haven’t landed even ONE title, let alone “options.” 🙂 (Mind you, “Into the King’s Arms” was NOT the first title I tried. I won’t bore you with the others.)

Here’s the deal, the prayer book has been pitched as a possible series, with additional books on praying for school agers, teens, etc.

Here are my ideas so far:

Sweet Blessings: Prayers and Practical Guidance for Parents of Little Ones

Parenting Preschoolers On Your Knees: Prayers and ….

Pre-PRAYER-ed to Parent Preschoolers: Prayers and…

So, I want to hear from you. Vote on one of these options, or come up with something better. If this baby gets published with a title YOU came up with…I’l give you a signed copy. 🙂

Here we go, the theme song for Name That Tune is starting to play in my head, how ’bout yours? All right, I can’t really remember the theme song, but I still hope you’re thinking of titles!