Thanks to all of you who either blogged your vote or emailed me privately about the book title. Drum roll, please…

The winner is…

Parenting Preschoolers on Your Knees : Prayers and Practical Guidance for Parents of Preschoolers

Of course, I really have no control over the final title. In fact, this is at least the third title I have printed on a proposal and sent off to the publisher. The publisher I did the rewrites for refers to the book as “Into the King’s Arms…aka Heir to Grace castle.” Now he’ll have to add the newest title. 🙂

I must confess, as much as it stinks to be told you’re off base, I was off base! I am so much happier with the positive spin on these two chapters now and the title fits much better too. Whether or not this house picks it up, the book is better for the changes.

New News ~
It’s a week of new beginnings at the Tiede house. On Monday we started school. Today is day 4…176 to go! Actually, the only one counting is Ben. As a kindergartener, last year, he was able to have a pretty loose schedule and still get everything done. First grade has bit him in the bumper and put his nose out of joint. He’s not at all sure about this “school every day” plan and to say he’s owly would be an understatement.

Kadi has kicked into gear though. She typically beats me to the school room by an hour and has most of her independent work done by the time I show up. I’m committed to exercising, showering, and Bible study before school, so she won’t be seeing me any earlier. As the year progresses I’m sure she’ll not be so gung-ho. For the time being though, I am going to celebrate her enthusiasm for fifth grade.

Caleb is the most eager to do school. Usually be mid-afternoon he has forgotten that we did preschool already and he cries to do more. Last night he got out of bed at 10 p.m. and wanted to know if we could “do chool.” I think he just likes the Wiggle Worm song.

I’m off to work on the Small Town Sin proposal now. More on the new stuff at the Tiede’s later.