Yesterday we headed out on another Team Tiede Adventure. I’m not sure how we came up with this title for such events, but it happened a few years back and it stuck.

In the morning we piled the still sleepy kids in the car and drove to the Science Museum to enjoy the amazing Body World exhibit and the IMAX movie, “The Human Body.” Since we will study the human body in school this year, it seemed appropriate. Words can’t begin to describe how incredible and educational the Body World exhibit was. I know there are some who take issue with this exhibit for theological reasons. I for one was humming, “How Great is our God” for the entire hour and a half. Wow.

The movie was not met with enthusiasm by all members of Team Tiede. Ben (6) thought he was going to hurl when they showed bile squirting in the stomach and Caleb (4) asked druing the reproductive portion, “Is that soup?” Perhaps we don’t have any future Dr. Tiede’s in our midst. 🙂

Then we went letter boxing. For those of you who haven’t heard of this past time, I will include a couple of links. We have been enjoying letterboxing for three years now. It’s a cross between a hike, an adventure, and a treasure hunt. The kids sometimes have to solve riddles, stories with clues, and use a compass.

Yesterday we did a letterbox called “Peace, Love, and Harmony by the Mighty Mississippi.” We found three boxes hidden and left our marks in their books. It was a great hike for kids. We hiked a little over a mile out in total. Then bad shoes on Mike and boys who were ready for naps resulted in my hoofing it back to the van by myself and swinging by to pick them up.

We got back home in time to fix supper and watch “Hoodwinked” in our “moodie feeder.” (That’s movie theater in Caleb-ese.)