I’m home from my class reunion. It was wonderful! Okay, for those of you who have said, “I’ll never go to a class reunion.”…GO! What a delight it was to see the faces of those whom I grew up with. No, I mean, LITERALLY grew up with. Some of these kids were in my elementary classes. After twenty years in the adult world, it was so much fun to learn about each others’ families and lives. High school cliques were a thing of the past and everyone talked to and hugged everyone else. Fun!

Before we left for our weekend, I learned that one of my stories/devotions will be published in a book called A Cup of Comfort for Mothers. I had to do a little editing on the story over the weekend, but it has been sent off already. That was a fun bit of news.

In the next two weeks I am speaking 5 times. That must be a record for me. I think I’m ready. Each engagement is a different message, so that adds a little challenge to the schedule. I certainly appreciate prayers for this busy time. Specifically, pray that I keep God and my family first, that I would remain healthy, and that God would be glorified in all I do.

This week I received a note from a group for whom I will be speaking in the spring. Becky wrote, “May Christ be found irresistable in all we say and do!” Amen, Becky!