You may remember that on Labor Day my purse was stollen. Well, today I’m tickled to report that part of it has been returned. Talk about a tangible answer to specific prayers!

On Monday I received a phone call from our credit union. Apparently a college student named Meng had called to report that he’d found my purse. They wisely didn’t give out my phone number, but gave me his. After a brief conversation we made arrangements for him to mail my purse to me.

Today my afternoon…ahem…nap…ahem…was interrupted by the ringing of the doorbell. It was my mailman with a box. However, the box was clearly too small to have my purse and all the contents that were crammed in it. The mailman was as excited as we all were. With all three kids peering over my shoulder and the postman in front of me, I tore into the box to discover one of the two wallets from my purse. The interesting thing is that someone had taken the time to transfer everything of significance and value from my purse to this one zippered wallet. My driver’s license, social security card, the kids’ ss cards, insurance card, and 2 checkbooks and registers were all in this wallet. None of these things were in it when it was stollen, but were in other containers. Hmmmmm. What a thoughtful thief.

I wish I had had a tiny camera in my purse to know what transpired from the time it was stolen until I got the wallet back. I did recover one baby tooth, but no pictures. 🙁

God is good all the time though and I am so thankful to the thief or whoever the person is who moved everything to this wallet. I appreciate that he/she dropped it on a city street an hour and half from my home. I am most thankful to Meng, who had the wisdom to pick it up, the determination to find me via the credit union, and the integrity to take it to the post office and mail it to me. May God bless him.