I have come to the conclusion that blogging is like exercise for me. I do well as long as I keep up the momentum. However, if I come up with an excuse not to get it done for a few days… well…there’s no telling when I might get started again. So, this is my effort to climb back on the bike and start free-wheelin’ again.

Here’s the update on life…

1. I learned that one of my stories/devotions will be published in “A Cup of Comfort for Mothers,” which was compiled by Janette Littleton for Adams Media. I’m not certain yet when that will be released. I’ll get back to ya!

2. In the last two weeks, I’ve also written two stories (Mike’s and Mine) for a book by Charlotte Holt called “Trusting Him for Life After Divorce.” We are praying with Charlotte that this book will be picked up by a publisher.

3. Calebism: When told that Mommy (me) had lost all patience with Caleb (age 4), he calmly replied, “Oh, I wonder how many patients Daddy had today.” (Daddy is a child psychologist at Mayo clinic and every night at dinner Caleb asks how many patients he saw that day. It’s all we can get out of Daddy.)

4. I’ve been doing some serious research for the novel I wrote this summer, Small Town Sin. I’ve ravished some great Christian fiction in my genre (this weekend’s read: Straight Up by Lisa Samson. Wow!). I’ve also been plowing through Donald Maass’ book “Writing the Breakout Novel.” Oh, my…. I am dying to get my hands back on STS and start creating some new layers to it. My fingers are itching!

5. A little over a week ago I spoke for a women’s retreat. Can we say amazing?! I had a fabulous time with the women, and if they were half as charged as I was, then God was glorified by the weekend and my job was done! Can’t wait to do another one.

6. This weekend I’m teaching Baby Signs again. I do this about 6-10 times a year and am going on my 6th year. (Can that be right????) It’s a ton of fun to teach parents of hearing babies how to use sign language with their little ones. Love it!

That’s a sneak peek into my last few weeks. I’m back in gear…I think…so there should be another blog soon. Now if I can only get up with my alarm at 6:20 a.m. to exercise. 😉