Have you ever noticed that sometimes God places a new person in your life who makes your heart twinkle? Sometimes it’s not a person, but an experience. This weekend I think God knew I needed some shining up and He blessed me with several “twinkles.”

Saturday morning I spoke at a church near the Twin Cities. Kadi and I (8 days shy of 11 years old) drove up on Friday night and stayed in a hotel. I was awake until 4 a.m.! You can imagine I was not so twinkly at 7! I prayed God would give me the spark, which I certainly wasn’t feeling at the moment,. Sure enough, He showed up and we had a wonderful morning.

**Spark Note #1** A delightful woman shared that she almost didn’t come to the Christmas event, but was blessed by my message and was so glad she changed her mind. She made my heart twinkle! (In case you are reading this L.G., I’m praying for you and your future!)

Saturday afternoon Kadi and I navigated our way home and I hustled to the Christian Book Store where 2 fellow Christian authors were having a book signing; Jill Nelson (Reluctant Burglar) and Cyndy Salzmann (Dying to Decorate). I will review both books here soon…stay tuned! Cyndy and I had coffee together when she was done. Oh, my…what a great time we had! Shhh, I think God did something special there!

**Spark Note #2** Cyndy has a God-given gift of encouragement. Warning! If you are blessed to spend time with her, wear sunglasses. This woman shines! Cyndy made my heart twinkle!

Saturday evening we participated in an annual Tiede event. All of the kids got new Christmas jammies. Daddy warmed the car, and made hot chocolate and popcorn. Then we all piled in the van with blankets and treats and cruised to the Christian college’s live, drive-through nativity, with Christmas music blasting! Once we reached the line of cars waiting for their turn…Caleb (4 yrs.) climbed on my lap and “drove” the van.

**Spark Note #3** Kadi said it best when she recently commented that the thought of Christmas makes her heart warm…because she can be with family and think about Jesus. Jesus’ birth, the gift of salvation, and my family made my heart twinkle Saturday night. Come to think of it…they make my heart twinkle every day.

Sunday afternoon I spent several hours with a dear friend baking Christmas cookies and candies, while our families played at their house. Last night I crashed into bed while visions of fudge, snowballs, peanut brittle, and chit-chat danced in my head.

**Spark Note #4** I talk to lots of women every year about Sweet Blessings: Lessons I’ve Learned from Friends and Chocolate. It only makes sense then that spending the afternoon with a sweet friend, while making and sampling chocolate delicacies, would make my heart twinkle! Thanks, Ky!

Jesus tells us to shine like stars in the universe. During this advent season, especially, look for opportunities to shine Christ’s love for others. Whose heart can you make twinkle?