I think there must be a thief lurking about. He’s up to no good, I tell you. I’m quite certain he’s stealing time. My proof? Has anyone seen what happened to 2006? I mean really! We are talking about an entire year that has gone missing!

I have decided to get a little revenge and steal some time of my own. I started on Friday. The kids and I scrambled through school, completing all of the requirements, but no frills. Then I hired a sitter to come and stay with the kids while I stole 6 hours at Dunn Brothers with my laptop! I had a very productive day. Ah, precious time by myself!

That wasn’t all though…I also stole an evening away with my husband. We enjoyed a fabulous evening at a concert given by Tonic Sol Fa. What an amazing group. We were thoroughly entertained.

On Saturday, I stole time with my youngest son. We made a little trip to to Hy-vee where we “happened” to know a certain special Santa and elf would be spending the afternoon.

Earlier in the week I had stolen time with Ben, as we made a special shopping stop for a gift he had in mind for his daddy.

Saturday night took the cake. Kadi and I stole the entire evening at a local hotel where we relaxed and refreshed together. We created a homemade spa right there in our room, and I’m telling you, I may never look the same again! As we loaded the van with our footbath, parafin wax machine, and cucumbers (for our eyes), my girl mentioned that we didn’t have any chocolate along. Gasp! Horror! Of course me made a special pit stop to stock up on what she called “spa food.” We started our stolen time with mocha lattes! I’ve raised her right!

Have you noticed that your time is being stolen? Did it just occur to you that it’s time to get your 2007 calendar ready and you haven’t yet filled in the birthdates on your 2006 calendar? (That’s experience talking here…don’t ask!) If so, then take it back! It’s not too late to steal a little time for yourself and for the people you love. Before your time flies, grab it by the tail, haul it down and sit on it! Have fun!