This week a variety of random thoughts have flip-flopped through my brain and today I’m attempting to knit them together. It started with an article I was reading in Self magazine about the Weigh Down diet guru, Gwen Shamblin. Can I just say…buyer beware! This is one scary chick. While many things disturbed me about the article, I’m not intending to comment on Gwen’s cult, but on a comment the author of the article made. The female author wrote, “I consider myself more spiritual than religious, taking the parts of Christianity I like and leaving the rest.”


First I choked on that line,then chewed on it for the next few days. I’m wondering to what extent many of us do the same thing to one degree or another. Talk about luke warm … and we all know where that gets you. ptewie…ptewie…spit out!

So here’s my challenge for 2007…do you know where you stand? Is Christ the Cornerstone in your life? Have you set spiritual growth goals for the year, before you set any other goals or resolutions? (Yes, I know it’s already the 12th of January. But, if you’ve set your other goals and not your spiritual goals, stop reading this and do it right now! Don’t delay.) Do you know where you’re going in your relationships and your service to others?

Friends, my prayer is that all of us will be BOLD for Christ in 2007. Having an intimate relationship with our Savior isn’t about “taking the parts of Christianity (we) like and leaving the rest.”

On Christ the solid Rock I stand
All other ground is sinking sand.