No, this isn’t a continuation of my post a while ago called “Stolen Time.” That was about the end of 2006 and this is about really stealing some time. I’ve been doing that quite a bit lately and thought I’d share. I can’t tell you what a treat it is to steal special moments by yourself and with those you love. This is a recipe for good relationships and better mental health.

A couple of weeks ago it started with my dear husband and I stealing time alone at Panera for lunch and mega cups of coffee. We sat with our journal in which we list all of our godly priorities, goals, dreams, and plans for the year. We fill this journal in every year. We cover everything from ministry to health, and homeschooling to marriage. Most of all I cherish the time to look back over previous goals and dreams and celebrate those God has seen fit to see through. Mike and I get a glorious opportunity to affirm that we are on the same page…literally.

I’ve also been stealing time with each of my children. Life with a pre-teen is…different. I must say we don’t always see things the same way, but I am really enjoying my daughter’s insights and glimpses of her growing maturity. The best part is that she has grown into shopping! Praise God!

I love to see life from the eyes of 4-year-old and 6-year-old boys. Can I just say that they say the funniest things?! i.e. Today Caleb (4) asked how he should answer the telephone when he is allowed to do so. I said, “Should I just say, ‘Hello. Tiede Presidents.’?” Okay, that is too funny. Of course I told him YES!

This weekend we stole time as a whole family and went to Kalahari Water Park in the Wisconsin Dells. What a huge blast that was and they even got ME on 4 water slides. That’s huge, given my fear of heights.

Before we left for the weekend I stole the day on Saturday with a friend to write. Actually, other than breakfast said friend and I didn’t really speak. We were in a “quiet room” at the library, but we both got a bunch accomplished.

So, have you stolen time lately? Have you taken time by yourself to read a book? (I read 2 this week!) Have you spent special time alone with your family or friends? I’m telling you, it feels good. It creates some balance in my otherwise chaotic life.

Tomorrow…I will tell you about my adventure at the laundry mat. Tonight I’m still recovering and can’t talk about it rationally. Ah, yes…this will be material in a book. 🙂