It’s official. We are covered in the white stuff here in SE Minnesota. I mean covered! It started Friday night with sleet and ice and by Saturday the snow was blanketing everything. I believe our total was 13.5 inches by Sunday. Right now we are getting a reprieve, but rumor has it Wednesday could bring round two. ….and I love every minute of it!

Saturday night our family hosted an impromtu pajama party. Two other families on the cul-de-sac stomped over in their jammies and snow boots. It was a BYOD party and everyone showed up with their favorite juice or pop. Then we broke out bags and bags of popcorn and watched Flushed Away.

On Sunday most churches were cancelled. This is a rare thing, but I was relieved. A few of the biggest churches stayed open, but not ours. Whew. My comment to my dear husband was that if the MN Department of Transportation had issued a blizzard warning and asked for NO one to be on the road, who were we Christians to be disobeying. Would risking our lives and the lives of others on the road, after the experts told us not to be there in the first place, make us more holy??? I think not. We had great Bible study time at home and service…well, let me tell you!

We spent a good share of our day outside digging out. We dug out ourselves first, as we were no good to anyone else if we couldn’t get to them. Then we worked on the new neighbor (who is moving in as I write this). We didn’t know who they were, but we had a great opportunity to be a welcoming light to them. As I shoveled their walk and Mike worked his way through knee-high drifts with the snowblower, we prayed for them. I was tickled to meet them today and have faces to attach to my prayers.

Can I just tell you how cool it is to see two or three snow blowers gathered in the middle of the cul-de-sac, planning their strategy to serve their neighbors…in HIS NAME! Too cool. After the City plow came through and left us all with hip-high piles at the end of our driveways, I thought Mike would drop. Instead, he rallied and cleared out 6 driveway ends. That’s my man!

Today we are a little sore. We are treading with tender steps, but our hearts are light. Jesus came to serve and yesterday, for a little while, we were blessed to look a little bit like Him.