Four years ago my friend, Kyra, and I set out to create a three-ring binder notebook full of our favorite parenting ideas. We brainstormed “chapter” ideas and each took half. Then we wrote for months. Our intention was to make copies and give them as baby gifts to all the new moms at church. However, after all our work we realized we had something substantial. To make a long story short, we self-published “Sippies, Bubbles and Big Fun: Oodles of Options for Rochester Families”. We found a handful of companies who agreed to advertise in our book, which gave us the funds to print them. We printed 5000 copies. Our plan was to sell enough books to cover our expenses and then we would give the rest to non-profit organizations as a ministry. … forward….

Tonight we celebrated the end of this adventure. The books were printed, sold, and 4000 were given away. As of the end of 2006 our business partnership has ended. Now we are back to just being friends again. It feels good. We went to the Timber Lodge for supper and then to Caribou for coffee. Funny thing is…we never once talked about the Sippies book. πŸ™‚ It was such a treat to spend time with our friends, Mike and Kyra, and NOT talk business.

What a blessing “Sippies” has been though…

…it gave Kyra and I a place to connect after the loss of their sweet baby, Claire.

…it sparked in my heart a passion to write

…it taught us many things that we would never choose to do again.

…it created another bond between lifelong friends.

So tonight we celebrate friendship, “Sippies”, and the blessing the book has reportedly been to many young families in the Rochester area.