I just returned from an amazing trip to California where I attended the Mt. Hermon Christian Writer’s Conference only to find that my six-year-old has become a Styx fan while I was gone. He’s been humming “Too Much Time on My Hands.” Have mercy….Mommy’s away and Larry’s Silly Songs are replaced by Styx!

I really can’t blame Mr. Mom in this case. I think he had his hands full. God bless any man who leaves work for six days with three children and a new puppy. That alone would earn him a few extra jewels in his crown, but he blew me away by washing all the curtains, wiping down the walls and floor boards, and cleaning out all the kitchen drawers and cupboards. He also managed to squeeze in homeschool for two days and countless loads of laundry. Sound the trumpets! I think the Dad of The Year Award goes to Mike Tiede!

I have muddled my way through re-entry here at the homefront and am plowing ahead. After experiencing a rather miserable day on Saturday, the rest of the conference was one blessing after another. I was delighted to have several agents and editors request my proposals, so I’m scurrying to get those ready to send. And then we’ll do what we do best…wait and trust. God is the author of my life and the CEO of this ministry. Nothing that has been accomplished thus far has been a result of my trying to “make it happen” and the next step won’t be either. I trust that He knows where Grace Lessons is going next. I’m hoping He chooses to show me sooner than later. I expect He will be teaching me a few more Grace Lessons along the way.