This week my four-year-old son was complaining to Daddy that his big sister wouldn’t buckle him into his car seat. (On a side note, he is perfectly capable of doing this himself!) Nevertheless, he announced to Daddy that “Kadi isn’t one of Jesus’ friends because she won’t help me.” His sister’s response, complete with crossed arms and rolled eyes…”It’s getting harder to get into heaven these days.”

While we all got a laugh out of this, I’m so thankful that getting into heaven has nothing to do with my deeds. The only thing I had to do was make a decision to accept Christ’s free gift.

For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. Roman’s 6:23

The last few months have been out-of-this-world, crazy busy here. Since the first of the year, I’ve spoken fourteen times and attended a writer’s conference in California. Just managing the logistics of all those speaking engagements boggles my mind sometimes. Six more engagements in the next four weeks and then I’ll be taking a break until the fall. I delight in and thank God for each and every opportunity to speak and share His truth with women, but I also relish my summers when I can enjoy my family and spend time writing for Him. In the midst of it all, we have managed to maintain a fairly normal school schedule and even (Praise God) completed our Iowa Test of Basic Skills assessments this week. I’ve wrestled up meals on the table every night and Mike hasn’t had to buy clean underwear for anyone on his way home from work, as he has kept up the laundry. Now the dust….well, we’re calling that a science experiment for now. My motto this spring is…

Do your best and leave the rest!

How are you doing? Are you feeling the squeeze of end of the year activities? Are you longing to get outside and enjoy sights and scents of spring? Go for it! Today, commit to do your best and leave the rest. God understands. He won’t ask you to do more than you should. In fact, if you’re doing too much, take something off your plate and only do those things God asks you to do. Only then will He give you the strength and energy to do it. And above all remember that your deeds don’t get you a better address in heaven. In fact, they won’t get you to heaven at all. Only the acceptance of His free gift of salvation will accomplish that.

Now, tuck that little grace lesson in your hat and get outside…it’s beautiful out there!