This is lengthy and I will try to abbreviate it here. At 2:30 this a.m. we opened our home to a family in crisis. Bear in mind that we are in Rochester, MN. Jeremy George is the youth pastor at the E Free church in Holdrege, NE. On April 18th his wife (30 years old…I think) experienced numbness on her left side. To make a long story short….she ended up in Omaha,NE in the hospital for 2 weeks. They eliminated the possibility of cancer or MS and for lack of a better diagnosis, they said she had a stroke. She was paralyzed on the left side and speech was slurred. On Monday they transported her to Kearney, NE to a rehab. facility. Within 24 hours she was headed back to Omaha where they determined that there is swelling on her brain stem. (Yes, I know…this is very un-medical terminology.) Last night they transferred Charity to the Mayo clinic. She can no longer speak at all.

Charity’s parents are here as well. They are missionaries and just returned to the states from Italy in June. There are siblings on both sides all over the states.

Charity and Jeremy George have 2 beautiful little girls; Sophia is 2 and Isabella is 6 months. My friend, Lori Allmand, has been caring for the girls for the last 18 days. That’s how we learned of this situation.

The family is still praying for a miracle, but they believe this may be irreversible. They are prepared to let her go if that’s God’s will. (Lord, I am crying all over my keyboard here. Please have mercy on this family. Thank you for their abounding faith.)

There are so many things that need prayer here…
1. For Charity to be healed and to have peace. She can’t communicate, but she knows what’s going on.

2. For her husband, whom I just met and I just want to hug him. He is clearly broken and numb.

3. For her parents, who are trying to be strong for Jeremy and Charity. Their hearts are breaking though, too.

4. For their babies. Enough said…

5. For Lori and Matt who are caring for the girls

6. For the Tiedes…that we would know how to serve as Christ’s hands and feet here.

7. Last night I was in the ER with Caleb (4) until 12:30 with a double ear infection. He is miserable. I was up until 2:30 waiting for the Schroeder and George families to come and then up until after 3:30 with Caleb. I am exhausted…and still have a sick boy.

8. TOday is Thursday. On Saturday I speak in Iowa, on Monday I speak in SW MN…about 3 hours away, and the following Saturday I speak in WI. Pray that I can minister to all these women, meet the needs of my family, and provide comfort and stability for Charity’s immediate family.

9. Oh, other family is coming in most likely. I will need to help find housing for them as well.

I don’t know when I will be able to check back here. I’m attaching Charity’s 2 sites here: