No Surgery is Better than

foolish surgery

May 15, 2007, 10:12 am
Jeremy, Sylvia and I had a lengthy visit with neuro surgeon, Dr. Wetjen. It was explained rather clearly that surgery at this time would almost certainly be devastating for Charity. She seems to have responded well to steroid treatment so this is the best plan of action.

The cause of the lesion on her brain stem remains a mystery. It is unusual and doesn’t follow the typical scenarios. Although most of those in neurosurgery and neurology tend to see it most likely as a cavernous hemangioma.

To do surgery without knowing what it is would be so risky.

The most important things right now are:

1. Following a wise medical approach which includes
– keeping her on steroids and praying for shrinking of the lesion
– keeping her airways clear and open (because she can’t cough)
– keeping her calorie intake sufficient (because she can’t swallow)

2. Surround her with love, acceptance, encouragement to persevere

3. Continue to intercede in her behalf. She is again in God’s hands and her ultimate destiny and attainable goals are in His hands and not in man’s.

4. Work hard in rehab. If she can recover some of the neurological things she has lost that would be great. Again, if the damage is mostly from swelling then if we suceed in stopping the swelling her potential for recovery is greater than if the damage is from bleeding. So far the MRI’s seem to support that idea, but no one is certain. They do some very amazing things with rehab of people in her situation.

Last night was like a nighmare without sleep. This morning I feel a sense of relief that Charity is still with us and that we won’t have to make a decision that could potentially be fatal. We still have her to love.