parrotguys.gifMovie goers know that yesterday at 12 a.m. was the first public showing of Pirates of the Caribbean 3.  Nope, I haven’t seen it.  Nor have I seen No. 2. Not that I have any problem with pirates or Johnny Depp, but pirates have nothing to do with the title of this post.

According to the “International Talk Like a Pirate” site, I learned that Arrr! can mean, variously, “yes,” “I agree,” and “I’m happy.”  (It also meant something about beer, but that didn’t seem to apply here.) I thought that the first three definitions were especially appropriate given that today was a huge “Arrr!” day of success for the Tiede boys.

 You see, after more than four years of speech therapy at Mayo Clinic for Ben, and a year for Caleb, today BOTH boys were able to successfully produce the /ar/ sound! (pronounced “Arrr!”)  Can I just say that this mom was near tears?  Really!  This is a huge thing.  For a very long time we have played “Stump the Mayo Speech Therapist” with this particular sound.  We’ve tried every therapy, technique, and trick in the book.  Today, however, Ben (nearly 7) went into speech and told Ruth that when his brother, Caleb, talks to our new puppy he calls her “Baby Gewl.”  He rolled his eyes and said, “That’s wrong!  He’s supposed to say ‘Baby Girl’!”  Ruth and I nearly did the happy dance right there.  For the next thirty minutes she coaxed many more “Arrrs” our of my Ben.

Then Caleb came in for his thirty minutes in the lime light.  He said, “Ben says I can’t say gewl right.”  With that little motivation it didn’t take long before he, too, was cranking out “arrs” to near perfection.

So, where do we go from here?  I can tell you that the Tiede’s are going to be saying LOTS of /ar/ words around here.  Last week Ben wrote a note and left it on the table.  It said…

               R  God  is  gwat! 

 Tonight we  Rejoice…for ouR LoRIS gReat!