Do you remember that old 80’s song, “Celebrate!”  I used to do aerobics to it.  Well, the tune it bouncing around in my head right now. While I can’t remember any of the words except “Celebrate”, the melody is clicking right along.  That’s because tonight there is reason to celebrate and to give glory to God for what He is doing.  

Many of you were introduced to Charity George via my blog and have been following her progress.  Today was a banner day.  Instead of trying to reiterate what happened, I’ll just let you read what Jeremy George wrote. 

June 5, 2007, 10:01 pm

Charity MOVED A LOT today.

Here is what she did today.

1. She held both arms up by her own strength. Left arm was weaker and would lower slowly BUT UNDER CONTROL.

2. She lifted her right wrist and lowered it on command.

3. She pushed up with her right shoulder and could relax and work on command. This means she is regaining crucial control over some of her muscles.

4. She pushed with both legs really strong with her right and stronger with her left.

5. She pushed the nurse call button on her own this morning…Yeah funny story. the doctor came in to talk to Charity and her mom. All of a sudden the nurses came in and the doctors and Sylvia were like, “Can I help you?” They said that someone had hit the call button… Yup it was Charity.

6. She said HI with no sound. Everything worked exactly correct except she doesn’t have the strength yet in her vocal folds to make and control the sound. HUGE.

7. She says through a series of questions that she tries to sit up all the time. She is seriously trying to sit up. That is awesome.

8. she can now move 4 out of 5 fingers on her right hand.

9. she has her voice back. she can now make sound on command (ah sounds)

10. she intentionally put her arm around Sofia and kissed them with her lips.

11. She held a ball with her right hand.

Yeah. Good day.

Love you all.

Keep praying.