tn_running0231.jpgWell, I certainly have a lot of catching up to do.  I haven’t blogged in weeks. However, as always, I have some very good excuses.  Here’s the digest version:

1. I hosted a gigantic garage sale at my house the first weekend in June.  I’m talking gi-normous!  Do you know how much work that is?  I am crediting the crowds and subsequent sales on the fact that my crazy friend’s husband made  “unique” signs that he posted around our neighborhood.  That boasted MY face!  Oh, my.

2. The following Monday we began VBS.  Kadi and I taught the Prairie Dog games to 90 preschoolers for five days.  Then we flew to swimming lessons and play practice in the afternoons.

3. The day after VBS our family participated in Rochester’s Carefest. Mike, Kadi and I painted classrooms at John Adams Middle School and Longfellow Elementary School.  It was a dirty, exhausting, hot, exhilerating, amazing, God-honoring day!  We were blessed to serve and be a part of it.

4. Father’s day my mom came and we began a painting frenzy.  We tackled painting our kitchen, main floor hallway, foyer, upstairs hallway, and the boy’s bedroom.  We managed to complete our project in 3 1/2 days.  The house looks beautiful.

5. Finally, last week was production week for Kadi’s play.  She performed in “Unsinkable: The Story of Molly Brown.”  It was delightful!  Kadi played Roberts, a “butler-ette.”  She did an exceptional job.  As if we didn’t know we had a drama queen on our hands when she was just a toddler!  Theater is definitely her thing.

6. Yesterday we attended church, celebrated the end of the play at a cast party, and took Kadi to Camp Victory for the week. 

7. Today I’m playing “Catch Up!”  I spent the majority of the day reading manuscripts of friends, for whom I owed critiques.  Ta-da!  I’m done.  Now I’m going to catch up on my blogs and tomorrow I get to work on my own writing.

 Ah, summer.  Time to recline in the adirondak chairs, sip a little peach tea, and watch the kids splash in the pool….   Oh, wait.  Maybe writing can wait one more day.