Ben, Sarah, and Caleb

Check out these happy campers! This weekend the Tiede family enjoyed our first camping trip of the season. It was a little delayed because of our crazy schedule, but it was worth the wait. We had extraordinary weather and broke in some new friends to the joys of camping. Charlie (8-not pictured), Ben (7), Sarah (6), and Caleb (5) had a blast.  S’mores were among their favorites.  Sarah lost a tooth eating one and the tooth fairy even found her at the campground!  The only thing missing was Kadi, who is visiting family in Texas. We can’t wait to have her with us for the next trip.

 On Saturday, Mike, Ben, Luke, Sarah and I went tubing down the Root River.  It was gorgeous.  For the most part the water was quite shallow.  Only a few times did we find it to be very deep at all. Occassionally we hit some gentle rapids, which the kids loved.  At one point, however, the rapids drove us straight into a fallen tree.  Our tubes were all tied together and my back was to the oncoming log. The men attempted to push us away from the log with their feet, but were unsuccessful.  As a result, I crashed into the log and it flipped my tube over slicker than slime and pushed me under the log and tube.  Okay, this nearly 40-year-old, who  never passed Minnow 2 at the YMCA as a child, was tempted to freak out!  It was necessary for me to put on a good show of bravery for the kids though. Of course I only had to stand up, the water was only 3 feet deep, but the current made it really difficult to get my footing.  Let’s not mention the fact that I had swallowed a boatload of water and lost my sunglasses.  I was just thankful to keep my contacts in my eyes! Ah, another Tiede adventure.

This afternoon we are recovering from our 4 days away and tomorrow we will hit the road running.  I have a number of writing projects that need to be completed and Ben has piano lessons.  I also have some fun surprises to mail to Kadi in TX.