That little “Pilgrim” crack is an inside joke for the wonderful ladies from Crossroads Covenant Church in Cottage Grove, MN. I’ll post a picture later!

This weekend I had the delightful privilege of speaking for the Crossroad’s Women’s Retreat at Ruttger’s Bay Lake Lodge near Deerwood, MN. I could share dozens of fun stories with you, but what struck me the most is the fact that for two full days we got REAL. Some of us wore slippers and sweats and others wore pilgrim costumes…er…I mean, jeans and sweaters. We peeled back the outside layers and let the Holy Spirit work on us from the inside out. As I roamed around discussion groups, after each of my talks, I heard women sharing pieces of themselves. I heard rumors of late night girl talks…some of which included dark chocolate and wine.

Often, as I load my car at the end of a retreat, I see women dragging their bags and their sleep-deprived selves to their cars, and I pray that they will all stay awake for the drive home. Not this retreat. This time I noted that most everyone was bouncing to the cars and their faces were glowing, even after a late night of karoke! (Stacy, you were the exception, I’m afraid. I hope your flu bug was only 24 hour and that you are feeling better!) I even heard that Arna’s crew was headed back to the outlet mall!  You go, girls!

I challenged the ladies to check out my blog. If you are doing that then I want to encourage you to remember these things…

*God doesn’t expect you to fly solo.

*The most important thing to remember as you begin to organize your lives, is to start your day with Jesus.

*He wants to be your BFF (Best Friend Forever).

*Sometimes it’s not your monkey.

*Who’s your Daddy?   (Sorry, Laurie…had to do it.)

Stay real, Sisters, and stay in touch!