I planned this blog for months and then when the day came to write my “It’s My 4oth Birthday” blog…well, I think a low pressure moved in. So, instead of sharing 40 things I’m  most thankful for, I am going to share 40 things God did this week in my life.

  1. Monday I went to the doctor to get help with asthma.
  2. Monday night I realized that for the last month and a half I had been overdosing on the blood pressure medication that I take for migraines.
  3. Severe respiratory distress Monday nights.
  4. New game plan with the doctor.
  5. Kadi played her first basketball game of the season. Her team won. Fun way to start the season.
  6. Tuesday night I’m still very sick.
  7. The kids and I loaded the van and drove to Minneapolis to the Guthrie Theater to see A Chrismas Carol.  It was amazing! Hopefully I didn’t distrub people with my coughing.
  8. I cancelled tutoring students so I could “rest.”
  9. Wednesday night we went out to dinner with our neighbors and friends, the Wolsky’s.
  10. Thursday I felt terrible, but went to church to teach Bible study. So glad I did.  I love these ladies and God is so good. We are starting “Discerning the Voice of God” by Priscilla Shirer.
  11. Sharon Olson (pastor’s wife) escorted me from the church and sent me home to bed. Too sick to really rest, but tried to take it slow. No supper for the family…again. No one is complaining.
  12. Called the doctor. I begged off of going to the ER, but would see my doctor at 9 on Friday.
  13. Friday, November 30…Happy 40th Birthday to me.
  14. The doctor said she was “this close” to putting me in the hospital. My oxygen levels  saved me by a hair.
  15. Doctor tests for whooping cough, TB, asks questions regarding heart failure, fungal infection in my lungs.  Yuk.
  16. Increase steroid dosage for a couple more days and add nebulizer and Zithormax to my regimine.
  17. Go to buy boots for the kids since a storm is coming.
  18. Call Mike with news from doctor. He insists on coming home to take care of me. He is the best husband in the world.
  19. I cried all the way to Mayo to pick up Mike. Felt terrible.
  20. Should have had Mike drive home. I felt dizzy and struggling with vision.
  21. As soon as we got home I lost all vision in left eye. Mike gave me migraine meds. After all the other meds I was afraid to go to sleep for fear I wouldn’t wake up.
  22. Roused myself at 3 to call the Cities. I was supposed to speak for a Christmas brunch at Trinity Baptist Church in Maplewood, MN on Saturday. The forecast was for a huge winter snow storm plus ice.
  23. Joyce Harley tells me they are decorating for the brunch. It’s on!
  24. I pack a bag in a mental fog.
  25. The family orders Godfather’s pizza for my big 40th birthday celebration. I feel terrible as I know they wanted to make it really fun and it was now anti-climactic.
  26. Pizza tastes better than ever. I ate three slices!!!
  27. Mike made me a homemade…from scratch…mocha cappucino cake! It was fabulous.
  28. Mike and the kids gave me my very own iPod for my birthday! So excited. Now I have to learn what it can do.
  29. We watch “Akeelah and the Bee.”
  30. At 7:30 p.m. I load the van and drive to the Cities alone in order to beat the storm on Saturday.
  31. The light goes out on my gas gauge while I’m driving. Praying I have enough gas to make the trip.
  32. Had wonderful quiet time with the Lord on the drive and during the night. Put complete trust in Him for my safety…on the road and health wise, and surrendered all to Him regarding the talk that I felt ill prepared for. A wise friend told me that I needed to depend on Him and not on my preparedness. Amen.
  33. Went to load the van at the hotel and discovered that the automatic locks wouldn’t open. Prayed that I could get into the van AND get it started. 
  34. Finally got on the road. had to drive circles in the parking lot until I could make a left hand turn because the fluid in my steering is going out. Eventually left the parking lot…
  35. Detours and road construction messed me up and I ended up on a wrong road. Gave it to God and He got me to the church…on time.
  36. I coughed right up until my introduction…and then God stepped in and I didn’t cough at all during my 30  minute talk. I could breathe. God allowed me to serve Him as a vessel in a new way. It was totally Him and none of me and I was blessed beyond belief.
  37. I left the Cities with a lot of snow coming down. Drove 30 mph for a long ways, but eventually made it home…keeping it between the white lines. Okay, so I couldn’t really see any lines on the road. I just kept it between the ditches.
  38. Arrived home to learn that my Grandma (91) has been taken to the hospital and as of this morning the doctor believes she had massive bleeding in her brain. We expect that she will be with Jesus and my Grandpa soon.  I am waiting for the call.
  39. I pinched a nerve in my neck this morning and Mike had to help me get dressed.
  40. And here we are…number 40. Through the course of the last few days God has given me such a sweet sweet gift. It’s that little song that goes…”God is so good. God is so good. God is so good. He’s so good to me.”  That’s it. In a precious way He has given me another Grace Lesson for my birthday. He showed me how to trust Him in a new way on my birthday. I don’t know if I can even explain it, but it is sweet and tender and Ours. My heart is hurting because of my grandma and physically I feel crummy, but I have a song in my heart. God has blessed me with the most loving, supportive family in the world. My heart swells at the thought of Mike, Kadi, Ben, Caleb…and my parents and extended family. He has blessed me with friends who fill me up. Yesterday I told a couple of people that I feel like the guy in the Verizon commercial with his huge crowd of people with him. My entourage is made up of prayer warriors who carried me through this last week. My stretcher bearers.  God is so good. He’s so good to me.