Today I want to point all of you toward Virginia’s first two books. I’ve read and blogged about both of them in the past.  Just As I Am was her first book and it touched me deeply. I can’t tell you how many times I have referred back to things Virginia wrote in that book. See my blog on October 21, 2007 entitled “You Gotta Read It!”

 just-as-i-am.jpgThis is from the back cover:

“I’ve always said the Lord had to drag me kicking and screaming to His altar, but once I got there I pitched a tent, unrolled my sleeping bag, and made myself at home. Anyone less patient than the Almighty Himself would have zipped up that sleeping bag, sewn the top shut, and tossed me inthe Dumpster in the back parking lot.”  ~ Chapter 1

When purple-haired Mayla Strong struts down the center aisle of Salliesburg Independent Christian Church, the bug-eyed congregation strains to get a peek at her pierced nose and lip. But Pastor Paul welcomes her with a huge, infectious grin and baptizes her on the spot.

Determined to make her heavenly Father proud, Mayla’s sincere, and often hilarious, attempts to let Him change her from the inside out take her into some difficult places-like the hospital room of a man dying of AIDS.

Through it all, she grows in faith and wisdom-sometimes through pain, sometimes through humor, but always in a way that is distinctly Mayla.

Virginia’s second book was Murder by Mushroom. I blogged about it on August 6, 2007. This was such a fun, cozy mystery. I loved everything about it. The characters were delightful and the premise of the story was quirky and fun. I mean, really…murder by mushroom? Remind me not to eat at Ginny’s house.  Tee-hee-hee.


I’m borrowing the book summary from Amazon…I’ve shared my copy with my neighbor lady!  

Serving up murderous munchies at a church potluck social wouldn’t win any popularity contests, as Jackie Hoffner discovered. Someone had laced the casserole she brought with poisonous mushrooms… and the deadly dish had fellow churchgoer and town fussbudget Alice Farmer pushing up daisies. Now the gossip-hungry townsfolk suspected Jackie of foul play. To prove her innocence, she decided to conduct her own murder investigation, and Trooper Dennis Walsh’s helpful efforts and boy-next-door charm were welcome. Meanwhile, the town’s mysterious poisoner seemed to have more victims in mind….

Do check out these books! Here is the line up for the rest of Virginia Smith week at Grace Lessons….

Wednesday (or late Tuesday) ~ Hear all about Virginia’s new book Bluegrass Peril

Thursday ~ Enjoy my interview with Ginny

Friday ~ Virginia will be my guest blogger!

Stay tuned.