If you’ve been following my blog recently, then you already know that it has been a zoo around here. Just as my health was beginning to improve and I was regaining my energy, something new just had to happen.

This week Kadi’s basketball team played out of town early in the week and in town on Thursday and Saturday.  That meant lots of road time. The kids and I also did most of our Christmas baking, caught up on school work (Grandma’s funeral set us behind a bit), and I tutored my 4 kids. Did I mention that Kadi also turned 12? On Thursday she had a friend over for the afternoon and then we went to her ball game. Afterwards we took her to a fun pizza place where her grandparents surprised her and we had arranged for her entire team to show up as a surprise. It was so much fun! Her first surprise party!

On Friday the kids and I left the house before 8 to go to our friends’ home where we do science together on Fridays. I took the little kids (K-4) to the basement where we were studying the many different kinds of birds’ nests. Then we crawled on the floor and built 2 wonderful birdhouses.

That afternoon my parents, Caleb (5) and I spent time making lefse together. Then we cleaned up and took Kadi and another friend to the Macaroni Grill for supper. Just before we left for the restaurant I noticed that I had a strange pain in my leg…as if I had pinched a nerve or something. While we ate dinner the pain intensified. We needed to leave in a hurry to get to the theater because we had tickets to see “Alvin and the Chipmunks.” Well, suffice it to say, I nearly didn’t make it to the car, I was in such terrible pain.

To make a long story short, (yes, I know, too late, it’s already long)…the kids and my parents went to the movie and Mike and I went to the ER where we discovered that I had knee bursitis. It was horrible!  I mean, really really horrible! I’ve heard people say they had bursitis (usually older people) and I seriously did not show enough compassion! Now I get it.  After a couple of hours in the ER we came home with instructions to ice, elevate, and take 800 mgs. of Ibuprofen. Today (Sunday) I feel as good as new.  Crazy.

Because we traced the cause of this new ailment to me sitting on my knees while I drilled and screwed things for the birdhouse, my kids have decided I actually have Bird-sitis.  Works for me.  You better believe those are the LAST birdhouses I’ll be making.

As I looked for the perfect Scripture for this experience,  this is what I found. It actually made me laugh out loud.

Like a fluttering sparrow or a darting swallow, an undeserved curse does not come to rest.  Proverbs 26:2

My Grace Lessons~ 1)Don’t make birdhouses while sitting on your knees   2)God is the great healer and He can heal quickly if you follow orders and it is his will…at least where Bursitis is concerned  3) Sometimes He will take creative measures to slow me down. I just need to submit.

 Are you spinning out  of control during this holiday season? If so…find rest.  Seriously. Just do it…or He will do it for you.