hi5 dolls Happy Valentine’s Day! I’ve been planning this day for the last month and, sure enough, not one thing happened the way I’d planned. Several months ago I was invited to speak for a Valentine’s brunch at a church in the Cities. I’ve spoken for this fun group of women before and I was looking forward to sharing with them today. Weather, however, seemed as though it was going to make travel hazardous. In fact, one weatherman said, “This is going to be the biggest weather event we’ve had since Christmas!” Well, last night such forecasting led the event coordinator and me to the decision that I would not be making the 2 hour trip north. When I peeked out the window this morning, guess what I saw? Yep. Nothing. Nada. Not even an inch of new snow on the ground. GRRRR. I hate it when that happens. What happened to the “event” we were waiting for?

I spent most of the morning grumbling and feeling terrible about this situation. Then God started teaching me my daily grace lesson. Here’s what happened…

~The kids and I had extra special school time this morning.

~I had the time to finish reading Healing Stones, which was a huge blessings.

~I read several emails and blog posts of friends who are suffering. I’m not talking about facing life disappointments, but truly suffering and giving God the glory all the while.

~Homeschool friends (who have 7 children and one small car) were in a car accident this afternoon. Praise God, all five in the car were unhurt. There only car was totaled. God is good all the time.

Here are the grace lesson I learned…

Sometimes I need to put things in perspective. I am not indispensible…I believe God is completely capable of blessing those women at St. Johns without Vicki Tiede. The fact that He chooses to use me as His vessel at all, never ceases to amaze me.

There are much more important things than the obstacles that trip me up. I have my health, my family, and most importantly…a Savior who loves me.

From reading Healing Stones I was reminded that you’re not done until you’re dead. My plans may not always work out like I think they will or should, but God usually has a better plan. My job is to keep doing the next thing that He asks of me and then do it for His glory.