Friends, you’ve probably figured out by now that I absolutely loved the Sword of Lyric series. These books consumed me. My husband and I usually weigh the merit of a good movie by how long after it we are pondering themes, dialogue and messages in the storyline. For me, the same is true of a great novel. Sharon’s series has left me thinking. I marked passages that helf special significance in my life and I’ve shared themes with friends and family.

If you recall at the beginning of my Sharon Hinck postings, I confessed that I’d never read much in the fantasy genre. If this is what it’s all about then I need more and so does the Christian community. It was outstanding!  Here’s the backcover copy on book three, The Restorer’s Journey.

The world he knew is gone.

Confident in his new Restorer signs, Jake crosses the portal into Lyric to stage a heroic rescue. But everything has changed.

Jake is forced to confront hostile friends, the mental control of a corrupt king, and deadly lies that have claimed the clans. His path leads him to alliances with outlaws, dire battles, and even the temptation to forsake his calling.

Susan faces her own battles as she struggles to survive a brutal captivity. Can she find freedom before enemies destroy her spirit? Will Jake’s choices save the clans or lead to her death?


Here’s the deal on the Sword of Lyric series, as far as I know this is the last contracted book. Sharon Hinck ties up the loose ends, but as you grow to know and love these characters, it seems obvious that there is another book dangling out there somewhere. Surely it would behoove NavPress to visit that possibility. This is one of my very very best reads of the year! I highly recommend the entire Sword of Lyric series!