The last two weeks have been incredibly busy writing weeks for me. I was trying to get two proposals ready for my agent as well as finishing up my current WIP (work in progress). Doing that with kids under foot is no easy trick. However, last week my sweet Kadi (12) left to visit family for a few weeks. Trust me, she’s not the noisy one. She IS the one I have to taxi the most often though. The boys are the ones who I’m most often having to run herd on. This past weekend, however, my parents came to help us on some home repair projects and on Sunday they pulled out with two planned stowaways. I suppose a “planned” stowaway doesn’t make much sense, but I think those boys felt like they were jumping ship or making a grand escape of some sort. So … I’ve been writing like crazy for the last two days and I have two more to go! Hallelujah!

My boys have been at odds a bit these days. I think the endless rain we had there for a while, resulting in strictly indoor play, contributed to this issue. I gave my parents lots of suggestions for management of my ruffians before I kissed the boys good-bye.  Last night my mom sent me the following email:

Grandpa made swords and guns for the boys today. All is well on the “Western Front”!! That translates to “no problems” except for pink cheeks and noses and very tired boys. They were outside ALL day. They ate a huge meatloaf supper and had showers and went to bed about nine and still haven’t moved. Grandma had a long bath and now I’m ready for bed. 🙂

Love you and hope the writing is going well!


Well, you can’t beat that, can you? The best part is the precious picture of my boys. Caleb (6 in one month) is in the yellow, Ben (8 in 2 weeks) is in the red, and their much loved cousin on the farm is Lance (7) in the blue. You just have to love it! And how ’bout that talented grandpa who made all the cool weapons?! Wow!

So, while all is quiet on the Western Front, out east here the keys are clicking away and the brain is in overdrive. Ah, God is good all the time!