Shamefully, I have not posted in … well … forever. I’ve had very good reasons. If you think I’m going to say, it’s summer and I’ve been soaking in the sun drinking fancy drinks with umbrellas, you’ll be disappointed. Here are the top ten reasons I haven’t posted in … well … forever …

10. I’ve been cheering for my nephew, Carter Wevik (age 13), whose Little League team just won the Midwest championship and is headed to the World Series in PA!! (Way to go, Carter and Canyon Lake team!!) Note: Watch ESPN beginning next Friday to see them play again!

This picture was from the Rapid City Journal. Please visit their site!


9. I completed my manuscript for Plug Me In and Let Me Charge Overnight! Keeping Your Holy Enthusiasm Up When Your Batteries Run Low !!!!!  That was a huge summertime accomplishment! Often nonfiction books (okay, usually) are not completed until there is a contract. Publishers may request that a certain style be implemented, etc. Because of my speaking schedule and homeschool life, I opted to finish the book now, with every intent to change it as necessary after it’s contracted. Two wonderful Christian authors/speakers are reading the WIP for endorsement now.

8. I was taxi-ing Kadi and supporting the efforts where possible for the musical production Hello, Dolly!

Hello, Dolly!

This picture is from a publicity performance they did in an outdoor venue. Kadi is the second waiter from the left. Or if you are looking at the clump of three girls in the center of the picture, she is the one on the left in the red vest.  More pictures will follow in the next couple of weeks.

7. I enjoyed sitting at the pool with my boys while they took lessons for two weeks. They are both becoming quite the little fish!

6. We went camping with our church family for a weekend. It rained most of the time, but was still a ton of fun.

5. We enjoyed the first annual LATF (Lesters At The Farm) gathering. All of my aunts, uncles, cousins, children of cousins, parents, brothers, nieces, and nephews gathered at my parents’ farm for a weekend of camping. It was a hoot and a half!

4. We replaced our air conditioning and furnace this summer. Did I mention that the AC died in the middle of the hottest days on record this summer? It was miserable!!!! We love our new AC. We hate that it cost us our summer vacation.

3. We nursed our beloved Gracie (teddy bear puppy) back to health after a serious run in with pancreatitis. It was horrible for all of us. We are happy to report that she is completely back to health now!!

2. We got a great start on some major outdoor improvements that need to be made to our property including ripping/digging out bushes and replacing some siding. Next summer (God willing) will see the completion of those projects.

1. I participated in a fabulous Bible study with a group of 11 other women for a period of seven weeks. We have a couple of weeks left, but it has touched my heart. I’m most excited that it has helped clarify the direction of my next writing project.


Oh, there is so much more to tell about our summer, but that gives it to you in a nutshell. I will make every effort to be more diligent with my  posts. God is good and faithful and we can run into His embrace even in the middle of our wildest summers. This summer I’ve been reminded that the best place to spend my time is in His arms. I’ve spent a considerable amount of time face down this summer, and He’s been there every time. Praise God for summer, sandals, and our Savior!