This is going to be short, cuz this Momma is tired! I had a very early morning and took Kadi to the dentist for a tiny filling. Seriously, it took 15 minutes start to finish to fill that baby. We had another lazy morning at home … well, I paid bills, etc, but we didn’t get up and go … unless you count the dentist.

Our family is super addicted to reruns of 7th Heaven, so we hung out here until 2. Then we took off to Oxbow park to go letterboxing. We successfully found two boxes and most of us enjoyed the hike. In Caleb’s post below you’ll hear something about a prize. Daddy made a comment that Caleb was going to get a prize. He meant it because Caleb was being so sweet to everyone and nameless others were being snarky. Caleb thought it was because he found the last letterbox (which we let him find). Ah, day 3 of our staycation and we’ve implemented new rules … if you like what we are doing, great! If you don’t, slap a smile on your face and keep your thoughts to yourself. Unnecessary grumbling today was met with sibling handholding … a torturous, but highly effective consequence, I must say!

Between letterboxes we waded in the S. Zumbro River. It was beautiful and quiet and nobody fell in, much to my relief!

We finished off the trip to Oxbow Park with a very quick tour around the Zollman Zoo since it was closing in 30 minutes. In that short amount of time, the three kids named all the animals. Thank heavens it’s a small zoo!

We then spent an hour in downtown Rochester at Thursdays on First. Mike and I enjoyed the shops. We were only “looking” so the kids were less than thrilled. Then we headed to O’Neils Pizza. We love this yummy pizza, especially the taco pizza, but this visit was prompted by the fact that Bob Miller ,the magician, was going to be there doing tricks at the tables. The kids loved it. He really was great. I’d love to learn a few tricks to incorporate into messages. How cool would that be? The kids especially enjoyed the balloon animals he made for them.

We then killed an hour at a park before going to the local YMCA where they just put in a new indoor waterpark. We bought a family pass and spent the next two hours swimming, playing water volleyball, and floating in a current loop. It is 9:30 p.m. now and I’m about to drop. SOMEONE, made an appointment for Caleb with the eyedoctor at 7:45 tomorrow morning. What was SHE thinking?

Of course, my kids are all in bed, but before Caleb crashed he dictated his “log” to me. He was nearly asleep as he finished it up, but here you go …

Daycation #3 by Caleb Tiede (age 6)~

My favoritist things I liked to do was going letter boxing. We had the comp-seses (compases). On the first one, Ben was the leader of the team, and on the second one, I was the leader of the team. I thought Dad said I was going to get a prize, but I really didn’t.

And I liked going to that place and seeing the magician and getting my balloon animal. His name was Bob Miller. He did lots of magic like I stuck a black hanky in his hand and then it disappeared. He had a shoelace and a ring and did tricks with it. I did a bunny trick with him too.

Then we went to the park. Ben and I were climbing on this rock thing and Ben and I were going on a spiderweb. We were playing in the castle for a little bit. There were lots of people. This boy was going to chase another boy and beat him down. And Ben said we were going to spy on them.

I liked going to the pool place. We were going around and around (in the lazy river) and I never sinked. Ben, Caleb, Kadi, Mom, and Dad played volleyball in the water. The water was too deep so every time when I was going to do the thing, I stood on Mom or Dad’s legs and then I threw the ball. When I wasn’t throwing the ball, I sat on Mom or Dad. We went on the slide so many times. I was showing Mom and Dad how good I am from swimming lessons.

Maybe that’s all.