Hey Persons! So, I found out like 5 minutes ago that I, ( KDTD) am posting today…the whole post! Again, bear with me.

This morning we went to church, Pastor Kevin Barnhart preached. Usually I don’t understand his deep sermons, well it’s not like I try, I usually doodle on my bulletin. Sorry:( But today, I listened, because the ink on my pen had run out:) The sermon was really kinda funny, it was about Labor day or something like that. I don’t know. We got back from church and chillaxed a while, which I LOVE, I would MUCH rather be at home checking email, calling friends, watching TV, or even reading a book…or rather skimming through the books Mom has me read for school, than going on a hike where bugs attack me.

We drove down to Alma, WI. It was a long drive, yeah like an hour and a half! Ben, Mom, and Dad were listening to a book on tape, some Chronicles of Narnia one…the one after Prince Caspian. Mom must have forgotten that Caleb and I were desperately attempting to listen to our iPods, and had the book blasted like SUPER LOUD! So like, Caleb and I had our music cranked up to the highest volume level, it was craziness!!!

We went on a letterbox, it was sorta fun I guess. We went to this cliffy thing, and stood so far up in the air, and close to the edge. Mom was wigged out! We went into this really pretty trail, and while Mom, Dad, and the boys climbed down the hill, in the woods, the steep hill, digging through trees, bushes, and dirt, trying to find a small box with a stamp in it, I sat on a bench jamming to my favorite music group, Sugarland. I am not so amused with the whole idea of Letterboxing, it used to be fun, but not any more. Dad just discovered geocaching today. I am doomed. So my fam found the Letterbox and all was well again.

We then drove around Alma for a while looking for an Art and music festival in town. We found it, and it was coolness! There where Booths, Popcorn, Pop, bands, Art things, eagles from the national eagle center, storytellers, Pony rides, and Minnow races!!! We stayed for almost 2 hours. We sat and listened to the sweetest band ever! It was called, Ron Sacia and the Fat Daddys. They where like bluesy swingish, or Tony Bennett type music. The dude, Ron, was so cool! He was so energetic! He would just scream into the mic. and like we were sitting right in front of the speakers, it was ear piercing loudness!!!!

Ben did the Minnow racing, which I found to be really sad. I mean those poor little baby minnows, forced to like be handled and drpoed and move and splashed around by hundreds of kids! ( BTW, I used all of the ‘ and’s” to make it really dramatic!) Caleb did the pony ridding, and liked it. I think. He is a deep kid you know, I can’t always tell what is going on with that Little guy. In the end it was fun fun!

We had A&W for supper, and then came home, and the boys and Gracie did some Star wars geocaching close to home. It is so cool, cuz you get a prize at the end.( I think I could do that part)! well, Ben got a small prize that I am jealous of. He got a small figurine of Batman. I am not so crazy about Batman in particular. I have seen the new one twice in theaters, and it’s my favorite movie! The dark Knight!!!! But, I LOVE the face behind the mask! Christian Bale rocks!!! 

Well, that’s it for today’s post. You probably skimmed the post, because it was so terribly written, sorry. Again, I will have much more to say on Wednesday, Mall of America day! I will talk your ear off with  stores such as… Aeropostale, American Eagle, Abercrombie and Fitch, and Hollister. I am so excited! I hope you persons have a great and wonderfully perfect day tomorrow!!!!! KDTD:)!