I’m afraid I’m limping back to my blog after a brief break. I’ve been working on some final projects for my master’s class. Last week I worked on researching the Scriptures to establish what the core Biblical principles were concerning topics such as leadership, men/women, assemblies, etc. Then I had to determine what the implications of those principles were for the twenty-first century church and evaluate my church’s constitution in light of all that. Aren’t you glad I chose not to post my paper here? Ha! (Don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed the process, but I missed having the margin to work on the Plug Me In study and posting here. Ah, but that was my appointment for last week.

Appointments … they’ve been on my mind a lot lately. I have a lot of appointments … assignments, if you will. God has appointed me to be His daughter, a wife, mother, home school teacher, tutor, speaker, and writer. I could be doing other things. Sometimes He appoints me to be a maid, cook, laundress (don’t ask my husband how well I fair in this area), nurse, etc. Lately, He’s appointed me to be on my knees, to wait, and to seek His face.

A man’s steps are directed by the Lord. How then can anyone understand his own way?

Proverbs 20:24

I recently read a quote from Anne Graham Lotz (speaker/author/daughter of Billy Graham) that resonated with me. It’s so true for me, that I wish I’d written it myself. She wrote,”My magnificent obsession is to know God, glorifying Him in my character while enjoying Him in the process. My aim is not to achieve ‘balance.’ I long ago decided that balanced people don’t achieve much. So I have surrendered every day and every hour to Him. Therefore, I am continually challenged to discern how He wants me to spend what is really His time while not neglecting Him and the daily disciplines of Bible reading and prayer that help me achieve my goal.”

Today, I’m giving God my best. I am appointed by God to do the things I do. Therefore, nothing and no one can dis-appoint me.

How about you? What appointments has God given you? Have you given Him the credit for those appointments, or do you feel like “this is just what I DO?” If you recognize that He has appointed you to these things, how does it change the WAY you do them and the ATTITUDE you have while doing them? I hope that knowing He has appointed you results in a recharge of holy enthusiasm in your daily life.   With Holy Enthusiasm ~ Vicki