blonde-chickenMost of my posts lately have been shared by dear friends who are reviewing CFBA books for me. I’ve been working on 6 messages to supplement the Bible study I just finished writing and haven’t taken the time to blog. I just had to take a time out from working here to share a couple of funnies with you all …

Caleb (6) has been sitting on the bed behind me for the last twenty minutes. The only way to describe what he’s doing is to borrow the phrase my parents used to use when describing me … He’s running off at the  mouth. And out of that mouth comes the funniest stuff.

Daddy said we could splurge and order in supper tonight. Three of us wanted pizza and 2 wanted Chinese. That’s seriously extravagant for the Tiedes, but Daddy said, “whatever” and we took him at his word. After I ordered Caleb’s sweet and sour chicken he asked, “Did you order me blonde chicken?”

“You want a blonde chicken?”

“I LOVE blonde chicken!” he answered.

To spare him having to witness my giggles at his expense, I sent him downstairs to turn on the outside light for the pizza guy. “And the Chinese men?” he wanted to know.

Now he’s rolling around on my exercise ball, which is ON the bed, (I see stitches in this kid’s future.) and he’s educating me on the differences between pastors and missionaries. According to Caleb … pastors tell people in church about Jesus and tell people to kiss the bride. Missionaries don’t tell people to kiss, they just go to different towns to tell people about Jesus … like our friend, Mark, who tells the Turkeys about Jesus. (Mark has served with Campus Crusade in Turkey for the last few years.)

Everyone needs a Caleb to keep you from taking life too seriously.

Stay warm friends. I’ll be back soon.