How do we balance ministry and family life? That’s a question I think every ministry leader asks herself. If you are reading this newsletter, then you probably know what’s on my plate: wife, homeschooling mom to 3, Antioch school, W2W coordinator, speaking, and getting my next book ready to release. That would put most people over the edge, and trust me, I’ve dangled there at times myself! I think the key is to have healthy life management skills in place.

Your family life and personal health are of utmost importance, so I want to share a few “best practices” with you. These come from the 4th chapter of Greg Salciccioli’s book The Enemies of Excellence: 7 Reasons Why We Sabotage Success.

  1. Establish work boundaries.
  2. Schedule vacations and personal planning times.
  3. Invest mornings in uninterrupted, high-priority activity. (Vicki recommends Bible study and the practice of spiritual disciplines)
  4. Engage in daily exercise, providing emotional and mental relief as well as energy replenishment.
  5. Use the afternoons for management, including meetings, phone calls, and e-mail.
    (This is especially important for me because mornings are essential in our homeschooling plan.)
  6. Guard evenings and weekends for relationship connection and personal enjoyment.
    (My family will vouch for the fact that I do set aside work and ministry to  enjoy family time and we are intentional about getting together with old and new friends.)
  7. Invest in outside insight from mentors, coaches, and trainers focusing on personal and professional growth.
    (Find a mentor or two who will ask the hard questions and to whom you can seek guidance. I have 2 in my life and I thank God for them.)

As the kids go back to school, the fall lineup of TV programs are getting started, and football is in the air, WE are starting a new season of ministry. When the last school bell rings in the spring and TV season finales kick into gear, I don’t want to see God’s Leading ladies passed out and scattered around the halls of my church. Rather, I want to see them celebrating a  year of what God has chosen to do through them in their home and in their ministry.

Take care of yourself and commit to doing most, if not all, of these 7 best practices.