*Todays guest bloggers are my husband Mike and sons, Ben and Caleb.

In 1948, Richard Wurmbrand was arrested for a crime– Loving Jesus.  Richard Wurmbrand~ Voice in the Dark chronicles his inspiring life in this gripping story. While living in communist Romania, Richard was raised Jewish and came to believe in Jesus in his 20’s.  One day, he was traveling to a house church where he planned to preach, when he was arrested, imprisoned and tortured for his faith.

During his years in prison, he witnessed to guards, prisoners and government officials. Even when he was released, he prayed that if God needed to use him to reach others for Christ, he should send him back to jail. God answers his prayers when he is arrested again.  Catherine MacKenzie has written a captivating biography for youth that keeps them engaged in this page turner.  She effectively uses flashbacks to tell Richard Wurmbrand’s story through such memories as growing up, coming to Christ, and meeting his wife. After his second release from prison, church leaders convince him to be a “voice” for the persecution occurring in the world. Richard Wurmbrand and his family becomes a political refugee. He spoke of his experiences and became influential speaker for the Voice of the Martyrs.

My boys, Ben (12) and Caleb (10), are definitely the target audience of this book and their Trailblazer series:

“I think this is a book for kids who like history or if you liked the book The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom. My favorite part of the book was how Richard told people about Jesus even when he was released from jail.  It was lke he was a missionary in jail. Don’t quit reading this book after the first chapter or two, because it gets more exciting as you keep reading. I think the message of the book was really good–Richard Wurmbrand was faithful and no matter what people tried to get him to say, he never stopped believing in God” ~Ben Tiede (12)

“I think this is a really inspiring story.  I liked that Richard kepted on doing what it says to do in the Bible. He acted just like the people in the Bible while he was in prison. Richard’s life impacted many people, both in prision and even around the world! You will have to read the book to find out how he does it. Even though some of the the story talks about Richard and other prisoners being beaten or dying, this story motivated me to get closer to God. I hope that this story will motivate you too!” ~Caleb Tiede (10)

Both boys think that the reader of this book should be at least 9 years old, because you have to kn0w and understand why people would have to go to jail for believing in Jesus.  Also you have to know a little about history to understand Communist Romania and Russia in the 20th Century. Both boys like the details that the writer shared and how she made the story come to life. Parents should be aware that the violence and sickness described is real, intense, and described with graphic detail. You should be aware of your child’s ability to read or hear about such  details and  determine if this content is right for your child. That being said, our most tender reader thoroughly enjoyed the book.

Another series this publisher has written is the Lightkeeper series which include Ten Boys Who… and Ten Girls Who… These are excellent easy reads our family has loved.