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CALVARY Evangelical Free Church … NOVEMBER 9, 2012

Pastor, please share this with other pastors in your church and invite them to join us at this important event. You are often the first person a wife will come to when she learns of her husband’s addiction.

Counselor, please share this with other counselors in your office or within your sphere of influence. This is a resource they will want to know about.     Invite couples / individuals you know who have been impacted by pornography. 

“Women whose husbands are ensnared in pornography often live isolated lives, feeling powerless to solve the problem, with few if any good options. Too often they are also burdened by false guilt and feelings of responsibility for the actions of their spouse. Vicki Tiede experienced this in her first marriage, but found healing as she relied on Scripture and the body of Christ. This book tells her story and provides specific helps for women to understand their situation accurately, respond biblically, and rely on Christ and his people as they seek to deal with their husbands with integrity and love. Her thoughtful, searching questions allow readers to explore their own hearts with the Lord. Tiede is honest, compassionate, realistic, faith-filled, and Scripture-saturated. Anyone facing this situation-or trying to help those who are, like pastors and elders-should read this book.
Dr. Ron Lutz, Senior Pastor, New Life Presbyterian, Dresher, PA

About the Book
After the Shock – Moving from Despair to Healing and Hope Pornography addiction leaves wives shattered, betrayed, and alone. Vicki Tiede gently guides women toward God and away from despair. Through daily readings and questions on six important topics: hope, surrender, trust, identity, brokenness, and forgiveness, readers will grow in healing, hope, and faith.

Endorsed by: Carol Kent, Josh McDowell, Debbie Laaser, Stephen Arteburn, and more …

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