Nate Saint with Auca tribe member – 1956

If you follow this blog much you might have figured out the Tiede’s are big movie buffs. We really love movies. We recently saw 42, the new Jackie Robinson biopic.  If you haven’t seen it, we definitely recommend this movie. It begins in 1946 which got me thinking; this is around the same time that Nate Saint was a missionary in Ecuador. What a time in history. Jackie Robinson was risking it all to bring respect to black athletes and raising up our country from racism. Nate Saint and four other missionary friends were risking it all for the message of Christ to lost people in Central America. I love a good story and, not surprisingly. the best are often those that have really happened.

Bottom Line

Author Nancy Drummond, has tackled the life story of perhaps one of the most well known missionaries of our time. In her biographical story for young readers, Nate Saint: Operation Auca, Drummond begins the story in Pennsylvania where young Nate and his older brother Sam are flying in a plane Sam’s Challenger bi-plane. Nate is hooked. He loves flying, and he is very gifted at fixing and making things. He also has a strong faith in Christ and wants to serve the Lord. He goes on as a young adult serving his country in World War II, and meets and marries his wife. Ultimately, Nate and his wife Marj become missionaries and he pursues his dream career that mixes his two loves: flying and Jesus. Through Mission Aviation Fellowship, the Saints begin their work to reach the tribes in the jungles who have never heard about Jesus.

However, these are not your friendly natives that are kind and gentle to all. These are a violent and killing people– headhunters and cannibals. As the story goes, Nate and four other missionaries were martyred for their faith and mission to reach the Auca people. You may have heard or seen End of the Spear which depicts the lives of these martyred missionaries and the rest of the story.

If your young reader has not read or heard about Nate Saint, this is a must read.  Drummond does an excellent job of demonstrating Nate’s faith, his love and passion for his call in life, and compassion for people. Drummond does this all in easy to read and easy to follow story that clearly captures Nate’s passion. At my house, my 10 year has already made it his next read; as he says it, “You mean the story about the man and the yellow plane? I’m going to read that next!” I definitely recommend this book and hope that it captures the heart and spirit of a new generation who follows their dreams risking it all for their first love. I give this book five out of five stars.

Book Description: NS Operation Auca

Nate Saint peered eagerly over the edge of his brother Sam’s Challenger biplane. His heart thumped against his ribs in anticipation of takeoff. It was Nate’s first flight but it would be one of many that would eventually take him into the jungles of Ecuador to bring the truth of God’s Word to the elusive Auca tribe On January 8, 1956, Nate and some other missionaries landed at strip of sand that they had named Palm Beach. This was Nate’s final flight for he and the other missionaries on the plane that day were martyred when Auca tribesmen attacked them with spears. However the work of evangelism continued. Many heard Nate’s story and became missionaries. Others heard God’s Word and came to accept Christ including several of the Auca men who had thrown their spears on that terrible day.

Torchbearer Series–  How far would you go for the Lord? These biographies tell the story of those who even sacrificed their everything – even their lives! Seven books for 8-12 year olds.

This book and the books in this series are written for the 8-12 year old reader.

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