Red Sea Rules postLife challenges are inevitable and when they come, try as we might, we sometimes wonder where God is and what He is planning for us.

Let me assure you that God is never too busy for his sons and daughters. Whether it’s an ill child, stress in your marriage or singleness, divorce, or death, God hears our cries and knows our pain.

He has not forgotten you and has not left you.

I know this firsthand. I suspect you probably do too, but we forget don’t we? We can have a keen sense of awareness of God’s presence in past circumstances, but when a new crisis rears its ugly head, we forget … and in the middle of the night when the rest of the world sleeps, we wonder where He is.

Suppose you are in the middle of such a time now, or a dear friend or family member is in the middle of a difficult time… Where do you turn? What advice should you follow or give?

I recently ran across a little book that presents ten God-given strategies for difficult times. In Red Sea Rules, Robert J. Morgan breaks down the story of Moses and the Israelites as they are stuck between the great Red Sea and the Egyptians who are in hot pursuit and shows readers how God is able to lead us through and beyond difficult times today.

Will He let them be captured or perish? Will they drown in the crossing of this great sea? Of course we all know the story and what happens to them, but we often lack confidence in our own trying circumstances. Morgan uses the truths of Moses and the Israelites as strategies for upholding our faith in difficult times. Here are his Red Sea Rules.

Red Sea Rule #1: God means for you to be where you are.

Red Sea Rule #2: Be More Concerned for God’s glory than your relief.

Red Sea Rule #3: Acknowledge your enemy, but keep your eye on the Lord.

Red Sea Rule #4: Pray!

Red Sea Rule #5: Stay calm and confident, and give God time to work.

Red Sea Rule #6: When unsure, just take the next logical step.

Red Sea Rule #7: Envision God’s enveloping presence.

Red Sea Rule #8: Trust God to deliver in His own unique way.

Red Sea Rule #9: View your current crisis as a faith builder for the future.

Red Sea Rule #10: Don’t forget to Praise Him.

Red Sea RulesOh, dear sister, I don’t know if He will deliver you to the same place as He did the Israelites, into victory and freedom, but I do know God is with you. He will use your trials and difficult times for His glory if you let Him rule your life now and in heaven.

Red Sea Rules is available here. Morgan writes with wisdom and grace as one who has also known hard times. Consider reading or giving this great little book to a friend.