education&awarenessIn 80 days, Kadi and I will board a plane to Minneapolis, then one to Los Angeles, then one to Singapore, and finally one that will land us in our final destination — Kathmandu. From March 19 until April 1, we will be immersed in the Nepalese culture as we learn all that we can about Tiny Hands International and their ministry.

That’s the nuts and bolts of it, but as you can imagine, there is a story here. You see, Tiny Hands is really about people … God’s people.

It’s about five guys who took a post-college-graduation trip to Nepal and had their hearts intercepted for God’s greater purposes.

It’s about one of those men who answered the call to rise up and follow God back to Nepal … and stayed to make a difference.

It’s about believers in the local Nepalese Church who may or may not volunteer to usher on Sunday morning or teach Sunday school (I honestly don’t know if they do these things or not), but they do volunteer to serve at 28 border stations watching for sex-traffickers who are attempting to take girls over the border to India.

It’s about men and women in the United States whose hearts have been intercepted for Tiny Hands, and as a result they spend countless hours volunteering their time, talents, and resources partnering with the local  Nepalese Church. Some serve from this side of the ocean, and others make the move to Nepal.


The most important characters in this story are the orphans, street children, and the victims of the sex-trafficking industry. Their eyes tell their stories. They are the reason behind all of this. They are the ones we seek to intercept … from a life of enslavement, to a life of security and freedom in the arms of Christ – the ultimate Interceptor.

Isaiah 58:6 calls us to “loose the chains of injustice and set the oppressed free, to break every yoke.”

These are the opening lines of Tiny Hands’ Project 58 Manifesto … I challenge you to read it and not be moved.

Today around 30 Nepali girls were trafficked into India to be forced into the sex industry. Tomorrow, 30 more will be trafficked. By that time, those who were trafficked today will be awaking to the realization of what has happened to them. They will be locked up, beaten, and raped until they give in and accept the hell that will thereafter be their life. Meanwhile, as these girls continue to suffer, more will be added to their number, at the rate of 2-3 girls every waking hour–and this will continue until the small handful of NGOs who are working on this issue figure out a way to make their work more effective.

While you are working on anything relating to this project, and when you sit down to work and you are diverted and distracted by obstacles and cares, remember the faces of the girls that you know are in brothels now, and those whose lives are in danger of being wrecked if we do not stop it. Gary Haugan, the president of International Justice Mission, points out that the owners of brothels, and those who traffic girls are diligent and determined to succeed in their work. They are at it 24 hours a day, thinking about how to make their work more effective, and how to avoid being caught. Unless God’s people can muster up even greater determinedness, this work has little chance of succeeding. So fight, on behalf of your God and His love for these girls, against every instinct in you to give less than your absolute best, against every obstacle that you will encounter (and you will encounter many) and every frustration that comes your way (and many will come), fight. do not be deterred by anything, do not let anything stop you from succeeding in each part of this work that you take on. Keep before you always the faces of the girls, and Christ in them, and remember His words and promises, and that He will go before and after you, and help you.

And so our story with Tiny Hands begins. Our hearts have been intercepted by God for this ministry and the work He is doing through and for His people.

If you are feeling a stirring in your heart, will you do a couple of things?

1. Pray … for Tiny Hands International and all those partnering with them, including those of us who desire to tell their stories. (Click the link to see their most current prayer needs.)

2. Follow the story. I’ll be telling the story every Monday leading up to the trip on my blog as well as daily (or when we have electricity and/Internet) while in Nepal. You can follow the story by following my blog, Facebook, and or Twitter. And follow Tiny Hands on Facebook and Twitter.

3. Share the story.  Help us tell this important story widely by sharing it on social media right now.