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Are you parenting teens?

I’m Nicole O’Dell, author, founder of Choose NOW Ministries, and mom of six. Who’d have thought that parenting through the teen years would be as challenging, even more sometimes, as parenting infants or toddlers? Teenagers have entirely different needs, but those needs are real. And the issues of today–alcohol, drugs, Internet dangers, sex, image issues, eating disorders, cutting, etc, etc–all make the job that much more challenging.

powerline365, powerline 365, parenting teens, parent teen relationships, christian teens, nicole o'dell, choose nowTeen issues involve choices that have lasting consequences that can affect them for a long time. They need you.

But what about you? Do you feel equipped to be what they need? So many parents feel inadequate as they approach their children’s teen years. They feel confused about having the right answers, concerned about doing and saying the right thing, and confident they won’t get it right.

  • How can I keep my kids grounded in the faith?
  • What if I lose connection with my teenagers?
  • What do I say when they ask about my past?
  • How can I stop just trying make it through and actually enjoy my kids?
  • How can I make this a positive time in our relationship and in my teen’s faith walk?
  • How do I help my teenagers know Jesus for real?
  • What if they never do?

Are those questions you ask? Have you found any answers yet?

Well, I have! I have made it my life’s work to dig into those concerns and, along with my team at Choose NOW Publishing, I’ve just launched an incredible set of resources that hits right in the heart of your need. Powerline365 is just the companion you need to victoriously power through this next year and beyond.


powerline, powerline365, powerline 365, raise christian teens, parenting, nicole o'dell, choose now publishing, 365Powerline365
Plugging Parents of Teens into the Source

Powerline365 is a high-voltage, multi-format daily devotional to help parents raise Christian teens without losing connection.

Tap into the power you need to lead your teens into a vibrant personal relationship with Jesus. Many teens, even those from Christian homes, fail to connect with Him on a personal level. They forge on alone, searching for identity as the enemy pelts them with temptations and doubts. As parents, we’re left reeling, wondering where we went wrong.

Powerline365 offers daily insight to ground you in truth as you plug into the Source. It’s time for you to power-parent from a place of confidence and surrender, believing God’s Word is true, and His promises will never go unfulfilled.

And I am certain that God, who began the good work within [your teenager], will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns. (Philippians 1:6, NLT)

Now for the fun part!

Crowdfunding is a super-risky (for me!), but potentially awesome (for you!) way to make products available to the public. It pools the resources of the people who are most interested in either owning or supporting the development of a new idea or work. In this case, it would be the user of Powerline365 or those who believe in the project and want to support the raising up of a godly generation of teens who would fund–or buy in–at various levels based on what they’d like to own or gift to someone else.

The coolest thing about this project is the multi-format, multi-use approach we’ve taken to make it easily accessible to you in whatever way best suits your needs. And the best part is that we’re currently engaged in an indiegogo campaign to fund this project. Which means EARLY ACCESS for you! And by early, I mean you can have this material in your hands in TWO DAYS!

Would you pop over to our campaign page and see what we have going on? There’s a lot of great opportunity and interesting things you’ll only have access to through this campaign. Plus it’s the ONLY way to get ahold of these resources now, in time for 2014.

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GIVEAWAY: And all who participate in the campaign and leave a comment here will be entered to win a Spark30 devotional subscription. We’ll give away one for every ten participants. This can also be gifted!

My heartfelt prayer is that you’ll find victory in your relationship with your teens as you lead them to good choices and a strong faith in Jesus.

Nicole O’Dell is the founder of Choose NOW Ministries, bringing a message of hope for today’s families through daily articles, weekly radio shows, and the printed word. A mother of six herself, she has authored 23 books for parents and teens, both fiction and nonfiction, all with the goal of helping the reader make good choices NOW.