Logos Marriage and FamilySo I have been using my new Logos Marriage and Family Bundle for a while now, and I want to tell you about a few other features. This post is the second of two post that covers a 27 book collection to help you in your own marriage and family and ministry.  If you missed my first post, follow this link to read it first.

As I stated then, there is something for everyone– whether you are engaged and will be married soon or you have been married for years and have already celebrated your golden anniversary. There is information for the healthy functioning family and for families in deep despair and trouble. Trust me, this is great stuff and too much to tell you about all the content in just two posts. So instead of giving you information on all of the content, I want to tell you about some of the awesome features that you can expect as a Logos user. I will do this by showing off some of the great content as an example.

First, did you know that you can start using Logos resources without buying anything? That’s right!  You can get more than 70 free books just by creating a Logos account through a computer download (PC or Mac), smartphone app (iPhone or Android) or on your mobile device (iPad or Kindle Fire).  It is free and easy to do– so consider this regarLogos Search iPaddless of any other purchases.  Plus, Logos offers a free book each month as a download. All of their software is licensed to an individual.  So if you own a computer, tablet and/or smartphone, you can access all of your library on multiple devices.  However, you are not able to share your resources on someone else’s electronic device (see license agreement).

Now let’s hope you are sold on that alone, because you have access to great books already when start out as a Logos user.  If you are still a skeptic, read on. You get some real powerful features as a Logos user.  My favorite is the search function.  Outside of Google, I think Logos has the best search I have encountered (and of course you cannot google contents in your Logos library! :))   I can search my whole Logos library for any term I want to find.  That’s right. No more indexes–if the book has one. No more scanning each page until I find the word I am looking for.

For example, let’s say I want to do a search on “Parenting Toddlers”.  When I do, here is an example of what I see on my i-Pad (See picture to the right).  You can see I have a list of potential areas to explore–anywhere from  teething to picky eaters and discipline to praying together as a family.  This is just one page of results.  The list goes on and on. As I scrolled down the list I found one in particular that caught my eye.–“Raise Kids Who Care”. I have never met a parent who didn’t want this for their kid!  As you can see in the picture, each result comes with a preview of potential content in the search results.

Logos passage selecton

When I click on the result I want to view, it takes me directly to one of the new books inn my library–The Complete Book of Christian Parenting & Child Care and directly to the page of interest–in this case page 365.  So I find a passage directly related to the search and I am able to highlight the passage, and when I do, I can copy and place it in a document (“Yes!” yells the writer in me–with appropriate citation of course). I can also share what I highlighted via Faithlife (a Logos social gathering site for individuals and churches), E-mail, Twitter, or Facebook. I can also highlight the selection of make a note (see picture below). It’s that easy!

I can search anything I want within marriage and family topics.  For example, I can look at search results for marriage conflict and divorce to premarital sex and dating to building a health marriage. This is just a sampling of some areas.  I really like how easy and versatile the Logos platform is to use.  If you give it a try I think you will like it too.

Can you tell I am excited about Logos and all it can do for me?!  I have been a Logos 5 user for a couple for years now. I love what I can do with the Bible search and features.  However, the same features I love about Logos 5 are at my finger tips for the Marriage and Family Bundle or any book in my library–even if you start with a free account.  Happy reading–and searching!

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Here is a great video describing how Logos is great for busy families!
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