And how will anyone go and tell them without being sent? That is why the Scriptures say,
“How beautiful are the feet of messengers who bring good news!”
Romans 10:15


This is what my foyer looked like on Saturday afternoon when more than 50 friends came through our home for our Tiny Hands Product Party and Open House. We (my daughter Kadi and I) leave for Nepal in 16 days with a team from Tiny Hands. I can hardly believe it.

Let me try to explain why I’m taking this trip. You might be aware that I wrote, When Your Husband is Addicted to Pornography: Healing Your Wounded Heart. I didn’t choose for pornography to be taxied into my life by my first husband. No one does, I suppose. My heart was broken because of his daily choices, including his choice not to turn from that which would eventually pull him into greater darkness. Years after my marriage ended, God asked me to write about my healing in His arms, so that other women might finding healing as well.

I’m grateful that God chose to use my ability to write to serve Him. I’m grateful that thousands of women are finding healing, but …

But if I’m being completely honest, (which apparently I am) though I celebrate the truth that our God is the Restorer, it’s pickin’ infuriating that women even need a book like mine. Seriously! The ministry around my book feels very responsive, but it’s typically my nature to be proactive rather than reactive.

Enter Tiny Hands International.

You see, I want to do something … SOMETHING proactive. I love that Tiny Hands is in the business of intercepting children before they are relegated to life on the streets and the high risk of being trafficked. I’m undone when I consider how Tiny Hands intercepts girls who are in the process of being trafficked into India.

I wanted to do something. I write, so it seemed that writing the stories that make up Tiny Hands was a natural response.

Everyone can do something. Case in point …

[Tweet “EVERYONE can do SOMETHING. Beautiful feet for @TinyHandsIntl #humantrafficking”]

[I read the following story at Viralnova.]

Old Man


Absolutely everyone can do something. Everyone.

Allow me to tell you what my friends did this past weekend; they raised $2000+ at our Tiny Hands product party and open house.

Protect Love Restore IMG_6260 IMG_7211IMG_3557 IMG_3559-1


You can buy Tiny Hands products online here. Even better, you can host a product party for your friends and family! In fact, there are MANY ways you can get involved with Tiny Hands.

Most importantly, ask God what path He wants you to take – how He wants you to get involved.  There are countless things you can do right where you are. I challenge you to take your beautiful feet and DO SOMETHING for Tiny Hands today.