Note: All of the pictures that I’ll be sharing are taken by Kadi (Kadi Tiede Photography).


I think it’s Saturday morning, but I’d be hard pressed to prove it. We had (thank you, God) an uneventful trip to Nepal. We left Wednesday morning and landed in Nepal yesterday (Friday) morning.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetWe’re so grateful to be traveling with Doug and Shirley Dworak, who are seasoned Nepal travelers and part of the Tiny Hands International team. After we settled in here at the Tibet Guest House, we corralled two taxis to take us to the Monkey Temple. Miscommunication (imagine that) landed us on different sides of the temple with several hundred stairsteps between us and no way to get in touch with each other.

This gave us some time to observe the monkeys who call the Temple area “home.” We also had numerous interactions with homeless people who also call this area “home.”

We take so much for granted.

Processed with VSCOcam with b3 presetKadi and I watched a tiny little one toddling around the temple court. We weren’t sure of the gender, but I would guess a little girl. She looked like she was 9 months old, but she was mighty steady on her feet, so I suspect malnutrition is the explanation for her size. The palms of her hands were black … with dirty and monkey feces – no doubt. We watched her drop a cracker, pick it up, and gobble it down. Kadi and I exchanged looks.


A sanguine, teen boy engaged us in conversation. His smile was huge and his manner engaging. He clearly enjoys being the center of attention. I believe we were his means of practicing English.

Right there – in the midst of countless statues to false gods and tributes to hopeless religious rituals, we saw real life. The least of these – who didn’t choose the country, the time, the circumstances into which they were born. They didn’t sign up for monkeys pee-ing on their head. (Yes, we saw the little one with the ponytail on top get hit by a monkey climbing overhead.)  And my heart whispers, “They, too, are created in God’s image.”

They are His.

That they may know …