tumblr_n2y9d64ocR1qjfoqfo2_1280I asked Kadi if I could share what she wrote about our experience today. It’s beautiful and it so perfectly captures our experience that it was worth the arm twisting I had to do for her to allow me to share it here. (Kadi, by the way, is responsible for 99% of the pictures shared in the blog while we are in Nepal.) Today started out with breakfast on the lake and some Fair Trade shopping for all my people back home. after that, we took an insanely bumpy van ride (my mom with a baby sitting on her lap) and visited the Dream Center Tiny Hands homes. I definitely wasn’t expecting these homes to be as nice as they were – seriously probably the nicest homes in ALL of this country. So affirming to know that this ministry is working so hard to provide 180 children with loving, caring, beautiful homes for them to be raised up in. I mean you guys wouldn’t even believe how great these kids have it. They deserve it too – one teenager living in the home was a street kid for three years when Tiny Hands intercepted him. One little boy who captured our hearts was about to be thrown in the river when someone stepped in and stopped the mother and encouraged her to give her baby life at Tiny Hands. These people are doing incredible work – they DEEPLY love these children and that is so evident. 


We spent nine hours with the kids today – listening to their stories, playing games, holding, singing, dancing, worshiping, praying, hugging, kissing, laughing, crying, taking pictures, breaking bread together and so much more. I feel like I really got to know and love some of the kiddos today and it was very hard to leave them. 

There was one moment in particular today that was really pivotal for me. I’m only writing it out so I can read back and remember it … but it was at the end of the day and the kids ushered us inside and told us they had a show for us! They sat us down and tied beautiful scarves around our necks, huddled around our feet, climbed on our laps, and started singing. They had the most beautiful voices and everyone was clapping and praising Jesus together and just really worshiping as a group – different languages and all. Then my sweet little Abishek (who completely and utterly stole my heart today) climbed up into my lap, laid his head on my shoulder and nearly fell asleep. Oh. Oh man. Suddenly the power went out (typical Nepali style) – but the kids didn’t stop singing. They didn’t stop praising … and that’s when I couldn’t stop crying. Because with a toddler wrapped around my neck and a room full of nearly forty happy, thriving, beautiful, joy-filled children singing … I just couldn’t believe how AWESOME our God truly is. He is our Redeemer. He is our Savior. He is our triumph. He has brought these people out of the toughest circumstances and the hardest places. He showed up, He provided, He rescued – He intercepted them.  tumblr_n2y9d64ocR1qjfoqfo3_1280 It was in that moment, I think, that my heart was intercepted.  [Tweet “It was in that moment, I think, that my heart was intercepted. @TinyHandsIntl #Nepal #justice”]