Today was a slightly slower day. Doug and Shirley were headed to Chitwan to visit another children’s home and the rest of the team flew back to Kathmandu this afternoon. Before our flight we had breakfast and then had free time. Since I had a rough night last night, I took it slow. I did some packing and a little shopping. I kind of got turned around and got a little lost for about 20 minutes, but I figured it out and didn’t panic.

I did have two interesting “spiritual” encounters today. While I was shopping this morning, I had a self-proclaimed shaman* tell me I had “good energy” and then he grabbed my hand and instructed me to “feel” him while his eyes rolled back in his head. It was beyond weird. I don’t think he got the vibe he was expecting because I was praying in the name of Jesus the whole time.


sha·man  ˈSHämən,ˈSHā-  noun
a person regarded as having access to, and influence in, the world of good and evil spirits, esp. among some peoples of northern Asia and North America. Typically such people enter a trance state during a ritual, and practice divination and healing.

After we flew back to Kathmandu, Kadi and I jumped in a rickshaw and headed to an area where we had seen some street children. As we walked around looking for little ones, another “holy” man wearing red and orange and sporting some funky face paint stuck a flower on top of my head.

(Our guy looked pretty much like this, but this isn’t a picture of the “holy” man we encountered.)

Kadi and I got turned around and then were stuck in  a place where it wasn’t safe to cross the street and get to where we wanted to be. (Lost is a fair theme for my day apparently.)

IMG_390814585_766732693339869_1708537731_nIt wasn’t long before we found who we were looking for. Kadi and Matt both sat on the left side of the taxi on the way to our hotel and they saw a woman huddled against the wall with a little one. I hadn’t seen them as we whizzed past quickly. When we drew near where she remembered seeing them, there she was with, not one, but two little ones. Their hands and feet were crusted with filth. Their faces … the same. The little girl was walking well and acted more like a toddler, so we guessed her age to be about 2, but her size would indicate closer to a small 1 year old. She had a little shirt on, but was bare from the waist down. Her “big” brother was 3 or 4, but malnutrition belied his years.

We gave the kids money and Kadi took their pictures … lots of pictures. They thoroughly enjoyed the positive attention, and Kadi morphed into child photographer mode and captured some beautiful images for the book. Then she got down on her knees and showed the children their pictures. It wasn’t long before the little boy put his arm around Kadi’s shoulder. I hardly have words to describe that moment. Two mothers, two daughters, and one son … on the same stretch of sidewalk, but a million miles apart. One dark, the other fair. One destitute, the other comparatively wealthy. One unable, the other undone. Both created in the image of God and of equal value in His eyes.**

Help him to defend the poor,
    to rescue the children of the needy,
    and to crush their oppressors.
Psalm 72:3

Look closely friends. This is the past that some of the children who are in our Tiny Hands children’s homes knew. For others, had Tiny Hands not intervened or been available, this is where they might be now, if they weren’t already dead or trafficked. There are SO MANY children like this.

**Kadi and I have emptied our bag of protein bars, almonds, water bottles, a tablet and pens, gloves … anything we thought would be helpful. In the morning, Kadi and Matt are hoping to find this mama and her babies. Please pray that they do.