Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetI think Kadi and I have hit an emotional wall. After a long, FULL day of interviews, we went back to the hotel for an hour and then were off again. In that hour, Kadi was editing pictures with tears in her eyes (though she will deny that vehemently – don’t believe her) and I was working on notes from today’s interviews, and the tears weren’t staying in my eyes they were running down my face. The waiter in the cafe was staring. Hmmm.

We are sad to say good-bye to the male members of our team who are flying home this morning. Kadi and I fly to the border to see and interview those who do border monitoring. Apparently God wants us raw and brokenhearted BEFORE we go. … I know this sounds goofy, but it would be SO helpful for the book if God would make the way for an interception to occur while we are there. Would you pray to that end?

Kadi and Matt started the day by taking a taxi to the area where we say the mama and her two littles yesterday. They were in the same section of sidewalk where we had left them. This time we had a bag full of practical helps … almonds, protein bars, bottles of water, gloves, socks, hand wipes, a tablet with pens and pencils … She seemed pleased.


IMG_3165We spent time in the afternoon at a wonderful place called Beauty for Ashes. In this lovely home, 9 women who either have been rescued out of the sex slave industry or were at risk for being trafficked are given an opportunity to earn income by making the products that we sell for Tiny Hands. Beauty for Ashes products are also sold in the States under their own name as well. These women were very shy about having their pictures taken, so we didn’t get a lot of shots here. Seven of the women have come to know Jesus. We heard amazing stories of how God has made Himself known to the women. For instance, during devotions one morning the ladies all prayed for a daughter of one of the ladies. The little girl had huge goiters (grapefruit sized) on her neck and they couldn’t afford medical care. When the woman picked her daughter up from school after work, the goiters were gone. Our God hears.

I heard equally enthralling stories from Tiny Hands investigation team today. It was like reading an exciting book and at the end of each chapter you are left panting for more. Because I was working with an interpreter, each time she stopped to hear more of the story in Nepali, I was left hanging. I can’t wait to share all of those stories with my readers!

We just got home from John and Aksha’s home where we had dinner, great conversation (which I taped of course … they’ll not miss that when I leave!) I’m keeping today’s post especially short as I need to get to sleep and I’m frankly too emotional today to find adequate words and the wifi is so stinkin’ slow tonight that I’ll be here for hours trying to get it done if I make it long.

I suspect that we will not have wifi at the border, so you will not hear from me until we return to Kathmandu on Saturday. Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

**Kadi’s pictures continue to amaze me. If you aren’t her friend on FB, you should be! Then you can see even more.