We have our first graduation for Cambridge Academy (homeschool) this weekend, which includes a big party. That means three things for today’s post …

1. I usually make my Tuesday Crockpot meal on Monday, so that you have pictures of the final product. Yesterday, I was running last minute errands though and it didn’t happen, SO … I’m making it alongside you today. Surprise!

2. I need freezer and refrigerator space for party food, so we are eating down what we already have in those two places, SO today’s recipe wasn’t pre-planned and it’s using a crazy assortment of food that happened to have.

3. It not only wasn’t pre-planned, I’m making this baby up on the fly. Oh, my. I promise to post pictures of the final product when we’re all done as well as any changes I would make to the recipe. I would have postponed the post, but some of you get owly when Tuesday’s recipe doesn’t get up on Tuesday. 😉

Also, my dear Mike has added a recipe card to my blog, so you can print out your Rx: Crockpot Tuesday recipes with ease!
All together now, “Thank you, Mike!”


4-5 frozen chicken breasts
Cooked bacon cut in 1 inch pieces
1 bag of frozen broccoli
1 bag of frozen tater tots
1/2 cup of milk
2 handfuls of cheese
Salt and Pepper to taste



Line the bottom of your crockpot with frozen chicken breasts.

We had leftover bacon from my Mother’s Day breakfast-in-bed. Mike was making it with the kids, so they bought the microwave kind. Perfect! I nuked all 12 pieces, then used a kitchen shears to cut them into pieces, then dumped them on the chicken.


Pour in the bag of frozen broccoli.



Top with the frozen tater tots.

Pour 1/2 cup of milk over the top.


Cook on low for 8-9 hours or on high for 4-5 hours.
30 minutes before eating, add a couple handfuls of shredded cheese and some salt and pepper.

I pray this turns out as yummy as I think it will! Time will tell. Thanks for being my guinea pigs today. Let me know how the new recipe card works for you!

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